CRD Board declares Climate Emergency

A Tweet-cap of the CRD Board meeting’s key moments On Feb. 13, the CRD Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion to declare a Climate Emergency. The CRD Board are a conglomeration of mayors, councillors, and directors of the 13 municipalities and three electoral districts that make up the capital regional district. Vancouver was the… Read more »

A crash course in polyamory

What it is and what it isn’t Perhaps you’ve heard the term “polyamory” once or twice before. Maybe you know quite a bit about it, or maybe this is your first time reading the word. Whatever the case may be, welcome to Polyamory 101. I’m glad you’re here! First, let’s talk about what polyamory isn’t…. Read more »

The single introvert’s Valentine’s Day book review

Make a book your main squeeze this February There’s no worse combination than being an introvert and single on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t help if both your roomates have girlfriends, and when they’re over and you’re on the couch in sweatpants watching reruns of SportsCenter, you feel like a bit of a fifth wheel. Though… Read more »

Why doesn’t UVic close when it snows?

Victoria is not made for snow. In 2016, the city’s budget for snow removal was just $36 000. In comparison, the city of Kamloops, which shares a similar population size to that of Victoria, has a whopping $1.62 million allocated to snow removal. And that’s fine by me. In a city that averages approximately six… Read more »

New Netflix show ‘Sex Education’ is teaching us all about sex

On January 11, Netflix released a new show, Sex Education — and it’s the show about high school that you didn’t know you needed. Usually, when you rewatch your favourite old high school movies, the problems seem less relatable, the characters are whiny, and now, horrifyingly, you relate more to the parents than you do… Read more »

UVSS talks annual report, divestment at Semi-Annual General Meeting

On Feb. 6, students met for the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS) Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) in the Vertigo lounge of the Student Union Building (SUB). To clarify (or confuse?), we are talking about the UVSS SAGM in the SUB. The meeting was a relatively tame affair, mainly due to the fact that quorum… Read more »

What you need to know about the UVic Senate and Board of Governors

Building up to the 2019 spring referenda and UVSS elections next month, the Martlet explains the roles and responsibilities of the various student and academic political organizations that govern the university. This issue, we’re looking at the UVic Senate, the UVic Board Governors, and the University of Victoria Students’ Society (see our article on the… Read more »

Everything you never wanted to know (but probably should) about the UVSS

The multi-million-dollar question: Why should anyone care about student politics? With University of Victoria Student Society (UVSS) elections right around the corner, you might be wondering what the point is in caring about the UVSS or student politics in general. After all, the UVSS is only a $14 million-a-year organization run primarily by students in… Read more »