UVic writers inspire a new generation

UVic’s Writing Department celebrated its Annual Faculty Reading Night on September 23rd and, as always, it was a hoot.

Rewind that tape: vintage goodies for the old at heart

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris will forever remain a film dear to me because of the protagonist’s adamant fondness for the past. The lesson learned became similar to the idea that it’s okay to have your head in the clouds as long as your feet are on the ground. If you’re firmly planted in the… Read more »

Bend Sinister goes all-out

  Bend Sinister is crazy. Crazy skilled, crazy ambitious. The Vancouver-based group has created a rock opera at a time when nobody does that anymore. Their latest effort, Animals, is larger-than-life in every sense of the phrase. Think Who’s Next or American Idiot. Any band that has the balls to even attempt stuff like this… Read more »

Higher learning or efficient spending?

My feelings for our institution are familial; it is both loved and hated. These feelings confounded me one day in the bookstore café. After buying coffee from the university-owned subsidiary, I saw a shelf of plastic piggy-banks for sale which read “UVIC,’ scrawled across its cute side.

Taste locally

For entrepreneurs Logan Hayman and Jeremy Becker, their motto is “When you want to create change, there is no time like the present.” Based in Kelowna and Victoria, Taste Locally offers decks of coupons to local establishments such as restaurants, wineries, and cafés.

Fish Eye Project connects viewers with an underwater world

Mike Irvine comes from a long line of divers. His grandfather was an engineer who helped develop the Newtsuit, an atmospheric diving apparatus resembling a metal spacesuit. His father met Irvine’s mother as a diving instructor, and works with Aqualung Canada. Now, this latest Irvine is carrying on the family tradition, aiming to bring the… Read more »

Chocolate pudding

Serves four… well, maybe two

Is Changes coming to the capital?

Victoria’s upcoming municipal election has taken a turn for the wacky this week, as Rob Duncan, founder of the awareness campaign Clowns Against Child Poverty, announced his intention to run for mayor as Changes the Clown.

Mystic Market opens its doors to the hungry public

On Friday, Sept. 19th, UVic’s long-awaited replacement to Centre Caf, dubbed Mystic Market, officially opened to the public, after being closed since December 2013.

Crosby Stewart in profile

At five foot eight and 170 lbs, Crosby Stewart is one of the newer and smallest additions to the Vikes rugby team. Having joined rugby halfway through grade 11, and getting more serious nearing the end of high school, Stewart has developed a focus on rugby as a sport and a passion.