UPDATE: First Nations artwork returned after campus theft

UPDATE — June 26: Victoria police responded to a report of found stolen property in downtown Victoria on the evening of Friday, June 24, according to Saanich police. An unknown person believed to be a man, dressed all in black, tossed a large object wrapped in blankets at the door of a storefront on the 1300 block… Read more »

Board Shorts — June 20: Survey says . . .

With a call to order at 6:07 p.m. and an adjournment at 7:04 p.m., the UVSS board meeting on Monday, June 20, sparked little discussion but bagged the record for quickest board meeting so far this term. So there’s that. UPDATES Most of the meeting was taken up by quick reports and committee appointments. Kevin… Read more »

UPDATE: Third Space closes as coordinators take temporary leave

UPDATE — June 26: The Third Space has reopened its doors on Thursday, June 23, after the community debrief on June 22. The Third Space website and social media channels have also been reactivated. Nadia Hamdon, Third Space finance and administration coordinator, announced in an email to the collective that the Third Space would be scheduling a second community brief,… Read more »

Summer camp provides opportunity for young Indigenous entrepreneurs

Fuelled by a shared passion for youth empowerment, two Peter B. Gustavson School of Business alums have created a camp to foster and develop Indigenous entrepreneurship. Jordyn Hrenyk and Kim Cope have teamed up to create what Hrenyk calls “the first Indigenous-focused youth entrepreneurship summer camp in the [Greater Victoria] area.” Cope has been working… Read more »

Student club connected to an organization accused of cult-like activities

It started with a seemingly innocuous newspaper article. In January 2016, the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) published a column in the Nexus — Camosun’s independent student newspaper — listing off a number of extra-curricular clubs for students to join. But when someone commented on the article accusing one of the clubs of cult-like activities, Greg Pratt, managing editor of… Read more »

UVSS politics cool down at May 6 board meeting

Ready for the next installment of a juicy UVSS Board of Directors’ meeting report? Sorry, can’t offer that. But keep reading for a summary of the June 6 meeting anyway. ANARCHIST STUDENT SOCIETY UPDATE Remember these folks? (Read our May 11 board report if you don’t.) They came! They presented! The juice? Pretty dry. When… Read more »

Mind your mind: Self care is hard

This article was originally published by The Ubyssey on May 24. VANCOUVER — As students attending one of the top universities in the world, we often walk the line between what it means to be a committed student versus flirting with self-endangerment. We sacrifice our own well-being, fail to take a step back when we most need… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Super InTent City is just the tip of the iceberg

More so than ever before, the last few weeks have been a trying time for residents and neighbours of Victoria’s Super InTent City. On May 27, one of its residents was arrested for assaulting a CTV cameraman — one of two instances of reported violence in a 24-hour period. And now the province has filed a second… Read more »