After School Care closure comes under fire

In the months since UVic announced the eventual closure of its After School Care (ASC) program, students and faculty members have made it clear that they’re unhappy with what they consider to be a lack of proper consultation from the university during the decision-making process. The closure of the three-hour ASC program, which would take… Read more »

Hempology 101 hopes to legitimize advocacy at upcoming general meeting

There are four constituency groups that reside within the SUB: the Third Space (formerly the Women’s Centre), UVic Pride, the Society for Students with a Disability, and the Students of Colour Collective. These groups provide essential services to marginalized students around campus, and are widely considered valuable institutions. But if cannabis advocates have their way at… Read more »

Creepy clown phenomenon gets local; parents warned

Over the past few weeks, threatening individuals wearing clown masks and costumes have been spotted in forests, backyards, and in parking lots across North America. While only two injuries have occurred in Sweden and in the southern states, the threat has recently turned local. Last week, a Victoria woman reported spotting a creepy clown on… Read more »

Housing solutions brainstormed at NDP town hall

On Oct. 11, New Democrat MLAs of the South Island and other panelists garnered some feedback on the housing crisis in B.C. at a local town hall meeting. Troubling statistics, stories of renovictions, and some possible solutions were examined at the public meeting for a mostly older crowd of 150 attendees at Reynolds Secondary School…. Read more »

Cats in film and television: Halloween edition

Cats have always been representative of Halloween time: typically seen in pop culture as a witch’s favourite sidekick, they are often featured in a spooky context. Whether you’re a fan of the gentle fur-ball type, or prefer a more human-like model, there’s a cat for everyone on this short list of the holiday’s best in… Read more »

What’s the Martlet afraid of?

In the spirit of Halloween, the Martlet staff has compiled a brief list of our worst fears and phobias. All we ask is that you use this information for educational purposes only, and not as a means to terrify and frighten us.  Leone Brander, Design Director: Sea monsters, germs, haunted house attractions Alex Coates, Business… Read more »

Restrictions on private health care in Canada are unconstitutional

18.3 weeks. That was the median wait time in Canada between getting a referral from a general practitioner to receiving the treatment in 2015, according to the Fraser Institute. Yet, the Canada Health Act’s main goal is to “protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada.” It’s ironic, then, that… Read more »