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    Grading anonymity in UVic course surveys

    UVic transitioned to electronic surveys last year, and while there are concerns about anonymity and security, the paper surveys may not have been as anonymous as students thought.
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    Stargazing 101

    As a hobby, stargazing has at times been challenging, draining, and frustrating, but every success makes those long nights worth it—and you can do it too.
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    UVic to propose increased residence fees

    The University of Victoria is proposing a 10-year plan to increase residence fees on campus in order to fund deferred maintenance expenses and the construction of a new 600-bed residence tower.
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    Editorial: It’s time for change

    Atwell is spending as little time as possible at the offices due to the spyware, and using a private email account, which will frustrate Freedom of Information requests and keep public business away from public scrutiny.
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    Buddha took my V-card

    A lone pine tree sat in the middle of the path and I noticed rain droplets clinging to the ends of the pine needles. I placed a finger on a raindrop and realized the change in temperature had frozen the droplets as they fell.

UVic seeking input for campus infrastructure plan

With the first phase of the Campus Plan Update officially underway, the University of Victoria welcomes input and participation from the campus community and general public to help provide a refreshed vision and direction for future campus development. The Campus Plan Update will revisit the goals and mission of the 2003 Campus Plan, which speaks to… Read more »

Board Shorts: Jan. 19

ELECTIONS The call for nominations for the UVSS elections for the 2015-16 school year will run from Jan. 22 until Jan. 30. Anyone interested in seeking student office must submit the necessary forms to the UVSS Elections Office in SUB B211 by 4 p.m. on Jan. 30. CAMPUS ACTIVISM UVic Pride representative Cal Mitchell promoted… Read more »

Divestment discussion reaches municipal level

On Jan. 12, students and citizens of Victoria packed the Downtown Community Centre for a town hall meeting on fossil fuel divestment. The event, named Our Dollars, Our Future, was organized in co-ordination with city councillors Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday, as well as the UVic Students’ Society.

UBCO to study marijuana as PTSD treatment

The University of British Columbia Okanagan (UCBO) and Tilray, a Health Canada-licensed producer of medicinal marijuana, will team up in a study to treat veterans, first responders, and sexual assault victims with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Tilray employs over 200 Canadians from its location in Nanaimo and, pending regulatory approval, will provide multiple strains of marijuana to participants for the study in summer 2015.

Editorial: It’s time for change

Oh, did you hear about this? Just a fun, local story about the Mayor of Saanich. No, not anything good. No, not crack. He lied about an extramarital affair, then accused the police of putting spyware on his computer. That’s right; he thinks the police are trying to take him down and that they bugged… Read more »

Bedroom blues: How does casual sex affect your self-esteem?

Casual sex is a growing trend in today’s hook-up culture. The westernized world is straying from traditional values, altering our perception of sex. Long ago have we bid adieu to the emphasis on sex as a marital act, and emerging adults are becoming hornier each day. Though its integration into our leisure pastimes may not… Read more »

Reasons not to create Facebook accounts for your baby

We see it every day in our Facebook news feeds: someone is newly engaged and preparing for marriage, or someone is pregnant and preparing for parenthood. Old traditions created by society are passed down to the early Millennials who are now starting new phases in life. But now there is a new tradition emerging on… Read more »