Privy to privies

A number of SFU students are currently petitioning to turn a percentage of multi-stall washrooms on campus into gender-inclusive ones.

50 Shades of Meh

There is something to be said for a pop culture phenomenon that is, for the most part, pornographic and female-driven. It’s also interesting that this very same thing is based on the relatively chaste Twilight, where there is no sex before marriage and the vampires are vegetarians. The fact that an American Mormon author could… Read more »

EVENTS February 27–March 5

ART THE PRINCE OF VANCOUVER ART Nigel Prince, the executive director of Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery, has an eye for innovative projects, emerging talent, and bringing an international perspective to the scene. Join Prince, the latest Visiting Artist in UVic’s Department of Visual Arts series, as he discusses his thoughts on the current art scene…. Read more »

What’s The Best Cycling Town? Victoria versus Tofino.

Ah, Victoria: home of a hipster bike scene rivalling that of Vancouver and Portland. On any given day you can stroll past Habit Coffee at Yates and Blanchard and there will be a whole rainbow parked outside. Fixies, tuned-up vintage rides, brand-spanking-new bikes made to look like the vintage ones, bikes with baskets, bells and bows . . . you name it. There is a constant rotation on Craigslist for buying and selling road bikes to weave about the city. We love our bikes. And why shouldn’t we? They get you where you need to go for cheap; you get exercise, and a nonexistent carbon footprint to boot. Not to mention the second someone gets on a nice-looking bike they instantly look sexier (or is that just me?).