The May 16 board meeting debacle, explained

What the hell happened on Monday? Well, the UVSS Board of Directors met for their regular meeting on May 16. The agenda included filling outstanding committee vacancies and a presentation from the Anarchist Student Society that didn’t end up happening. Oh, and everyone collectively lost their shit during question period over organizational changes that led… Read more »

Shakespeare comes back to life at City Hall

According to historians, April 23 marks Shakespeare’s birthday and death day — and this year marks the 400th anniversary of both. To celebrate the poet and playwright, the City of Victoria put on Waking the Bard, hosted by Victoria’s poet laureate Yvonne Blomer as part of National Poetry Month. Attendees were treated to Elizabethan music from the… Read more »

David Vertesi sets sail with ‘Sad Dad Cruise Ship’

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for Vancouver musician David Vertesi. He hosted the final Sing It Forward fundraising concert in January, released his sophomore solo album, Sad Dad Cruise Ship, in April, and just wrapped up a sold-out cross-Canada tour opening for Said The Whale. The Martlet caught up with Vertesi as… Read more »

Life on the dance floor

How a dance instructor found her passion in salsa Once upon a time, there was a little girl, entranced by the spellbinding movements of figures dancing and spinning on screen. Eagerly, she signalled to her mother to come quickly and see. What her mother’s eyes feasted on, however, were not the feather-and-rhinestone-adorned salsa dancers that… Read more »

Thanks for playing: the weird legacy of ‘Homestuck’

This story was originally published by The Other Press, Douglas College’s student newspaper, on May 4. It has been analyzed as a modern epic, a work of philosophical genius, and over 9 000 pages of garbage. For the past seven years, the interactive webcomic Homestuck has carved out an entirely unique niche of Internet culture for… Read more »

Language matters: how our words trivialize mental health

As humans, we talk too much. According to a University of California study, the average person speaks up to 20 000 words a day. So, what are we talking about? As a university student, I hear friends and classmates discuss their hot dates, weekend plans, and their favourite movies. However, I also hear many people using… Read more »