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Things get weird at the Great Canadian Beer Festival

The necks of your trusty and tipsy correspondents were not the only things baking in the sun at the Great Canadian Beer Festival; the culture of the festival itself stewed in the heat. Beer Fest is a mash of surreal pop culture references and graphic tees; consuming a steady stream of 4oz. samplers was all… Read more »

A funny, insightful interview with Brian Regan

Brian Regan will be coming to Victoria for what should be called his “historical records” tour. Although Regan is not the kind of guy to claim such a title, he has every right to.  After his record-sealing 26th performance on The Late Show with David Letterman (more than any other comedian) on May 8, Regan… Read more »

Price increases create bottleneck for brewers

The Liquor Distribution Board (LDB) of B.C. changed its pricing model on beer, with the previous three-tiered system falling to the wayside. A wholesale model was introduced in April and prices were hiked up on June 1. Which, for Gary Lindsay one of the Partners at Driftwood Brewery, came as a bit of a surprise…. Read more »

Why Roll-Up The Rim is destroying our cities

The dejected, flattened, and faded Roll Up cup seems like a fitting still life for the Canadian spring. We’ve seen them in curbs and on sidewalks that border our main streets, and we all know why. Some idiot rolls up the rim, gets the “please play again,” and ditches the cup in disappointment.

Sorry, bud. I know you only won one coffee this year and that you’re there every day, but you’re just not winning that Corolla.

Savouring Victoria’s micro-brew boom

When I order a craft beer in my hometown of St. Albert, Alta., I’m met with strange looks. Even on nights where the few local breweries have pints on special, most St. Albert citizens would much rather pay extra for a bottle of their macro-brew of choice, cohering with a sort of conservative, corporate loyalty…. Read more »

MRT: Episode 4 – Flicks and Votes

If you have ever been curious how Oscar voting works or whether or not slates are a good idea for university elections but have never been able to seamlessly transition those topics into an enjoyable and thought provoking discussion, the boy howdy do we have a show for you!