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Idle No More comes to UVic

The Martlet was there to cover the Idle No More Rally at UVic on the afternoon of Jan. 10, which took place at the bus loop. With the buses temporarily re-routed from the loop, protesters, supporters and onlookers took in the speeches, drum and dance performances of the two-hour rally. The Martlet also spoke with… Read more »

JANUARY 17–26 Events Calendar

EDUCATIONAL EVENTS    Thursday, January 17 “Rich in Food”: Revitalizing  Traditional Food on the  Northwest Coast   If you think our food supply on Vancouver Island is secure, guess again — we truck most of our stuff in from elsewhere. And if that transportation infrastructure falls apart, what then? All those seagulls are starting to… Read more »

Idle No More in Victoria

As the indigenous social movement Idle No More grows across Canada, people gathered in Victoria, B.C., on Saturday to demonstrate at the Coho Ferry Terminal in the Inner Harbour.

App your phone: Be your own boss

Produced by WorkBC, the Boss Yourself app (available for Android and iPhone) is designed to inspire and educate youth considering starting their own business. Even though Boss Yourself appears to target teenagers in, or about to finish, high school, I hoped the app would provide useful advice and inspiration for anyone who has a business idea…. Read more »

Former UVic student creates new alphabet

The Martlet speaks with former UVic Computer Science and Linguistics student Graeme Kilshaw, who explains how his “Friendship Cube” works. The Friendship Cube is a teaching tool for Kilshaw’s invented alphabet, which has been developed to go hand-in-hand with computer interfaces such as smart watches and brain-wave-reading devices.