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Morality aside, has the Board of Governors even done their homework?

Not only did the Board of Governors fail to acknowledge the moral imperative to divest from fossil fuels and forget about the university’s strategic plan, it seems they can’t even bother to look for investments where the money might perform better. Whatever is driving the board’s resistance to divestment, it’s certainly not rational. Maybe they’re… Read more »

Climate change strategy in the works, and not a minute too soon

A pan-Canadian climate change strategy is finally in the works, and on Tuesday, March 8, students at UVic will have a chance for their voices to be included in the province’s leadership plan. Canada’s climate reputation is on the line. Speaking at the UN climate summit in Paris last December, newly elected Prime Minister Justin… Read more »

Real solutions are needed at COP21

In February of this year, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe threw a snowball on the floor of the American Senate in a spectacle intended to debunk the scientific consensus on climate change. Since then he has portrayed climate change as left-wing lunacy, told Pope Francis to butt out of the discussion, and stated that Congress will… Read more »

Facing climate change demands an interdisciplinary approach

On Dec. 7, our new Prime Minister will be in Paris with a team of Canadian leaders to work out a new international agreement on climate change. Most Canadians want them to succeed. Despite there being scientific consensus on climate change, there is a lack of social consensus around the world. A significant portion of… Read more »