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Martine Conway, long-time UVic Ombudsperson, retires after 19 years

Not many people know about UVic’s ombudsperson office. Come to think of it, not many people even know what an ombudsperson is for that matter. Generally speaking, the position is an independent, impartial resource for the public to advise on disputes involving fairness, rights, administration, government, and equality. UVic’s ombudsperson is a confidential and trustworthy… Read more »

New Johnson Street Bridge finally opens

Bridge open to public after five years of Martlet reporting I started my engineering degree at UVic in 2013 and I remember volunteering to write for the Martlet a month into the semester. One of my very first published articles was titled “A new downtown icon: the Johnson Street Bridge” and was printed in the… Read more »

The real star of Black Panther

The Wakandan technology, its symbolism, and the female character behind it all Just a warning, there’s some spoilers ahead. I’d strongly suggest you go and watch the Black Panther movie soon — I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. It’s easy to see that the real star of Black Panther isn’t T’Challa, the Black Panther, but the technology and… Read more »

Confabulation pushes the power of stories

Victoria’s live storytelling series is raw, real, and winning hearts People love stories, and listening to a good story told well is time well-spent. However, it happens too often nowadays that we only hear from people online or see their stories as videos on our newsfeeds. Being caught up in the hustle and bustle stops… Read more »

UVic’s very own Satellite Design Club has big science in store

Next satellite project launches with equipment for dark energy research Not many students know that UVic has its own Satellite Design Club that builds satellites with important scientific payloads for launch. Forty-five active members of the UVic Satellite Design Club, sitting in a club room in the engineering building that gives off a homey, lived-in,… Read more »

5 Days of Action brings awareness to inclusion on campus

The “5 Days of Action; 365 Days of Commitment” is a five-day event on campus that UVic hopes will engage the community in a dialogue to end discrimination, harassment, and sexualized violence. Organized by UVic’s Equity and Human Rights Office (EQHR), the five-day movement runs from March 19–23 and includes interdisciplinary events like workshops, panels,… Read more »

UVSS Election fashion streeter

Your candidate’s clothes Ainsley Kerr Candidate for Director of Campaigns and Community Relations with Envision UVic  How would you describe your style and how it relates to your life as a student? I usually try to go for business-casual, but, at the same time, something I could feasibly go for a hike in at almost… Read more »

2018 UVSS Election: Envision Slate

Envision is a slate running candidates for all positions in the 2018 UVSS Election. Candidates for the Envision Slate: Curtis Whittla Director of Finance and Operations Isabella Lee Director of Student Affairs Pierre-Paul Angelblazer Director of Outreach and University Relations Noor Chasib Director of Events  Ainsley Kerr Director of campaigns and community relations (not pictured)   What are… Read more »

VIES launches engineering speaker series with Bjarni Tryggvason

Canadian astronaut talks engineering, physics, and the Silver Dart’s 100th anniversary flight Bjarni Tryggvason, one of 14 astronauts to have served with Canada’s Space Agency (CSA), knows about achievement. When Tryggvason was a test pilot at the International Test Pilots School in London, Ont., he conducted an engine kill test —flying an airplane to a predetermined… Read more »

The quiet revolution

Victoria author presents recent book detailing history of women’s shelters in Canada In the SUB Upper Lounge last Thursday, Jan. 18, Margo Goodhand addressed students about her recent book Runaway Wives and Rogue Feminists. The talk was presented in conjunction with UVic’s Gender Studies Department and addressed the history of Canada’s women’s shelters — the topic of… Read more »