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5 exciting technologies from 2017

It is difficult to narrow down the best technology releases in 2017 because of how much progress was made across many industries. However, here are five technologies that have the potential to personally impact our daily lives in 2018. Smart Home Tech Talking to your house is no longer science fiction after 2017 saw the… Read more »

FASHION PROFILE: What is your campus wearing?

Profile: Cati Landry English Major Who do you think is your style inspiration? “I love looking through different chapters of culture and seeing how women dress and how people of all different kinds dress. Probably my main fashion inspiration, lately, has been my grandma. She has been sick so we’ve been looking through a lot… Read more »

A look behind adventure cats Bolt and Keel

  Imagine if your pet cats were more famous and successful than you — that’s the reality for Kayleen VanderRee and Danielle Gumbley thanks to their two Instagram famous rescue cats, Bolt and Keel. The two cats are brothers, found by VanderRee and Gumbley abandoned behind a garbage bin one summer day in 2015. As timing would… Read more »

When good men grow moustaches (and beards)

A Movember rant November has reared its ugly head once more, marking that time of the year when men grow out their facial hair to support awareness for men’s mental health and prostate and testicular cancer. It’s a wonderful cause to support; what began as an idea from two men in Australia is now a… Read more »

AVP holding referendum for increased funding

Advocacy group seeking additional $2.00 per semester from each full-time student “Do you support an increase to the student fee for the Anti-Violence Project (the on-campus sexual assault centre) in the amount of $2.00 per semester for full-time students, and $1.00 per semester for part-time students, for the purpose of expanding access to support and… Read more »

What to do about the dark

Working together to expose sexualized violence For most of my life, I remember my mama warning me about walking alone at night. I know that she didn’t fear for her daughter because of the dark — she feared the people and violence that can lurk behind it. While it’s true that about 65 per cent  of sexual assaults… Read more »

Impressions of my first UVSS AGM

I am in my fifth and final year of school and I have never been to a University of Victoria Student Society’s (UVSS) Annual General Meeting (AGM). I must admit I’ve never been that interested in student politics, or politics in general. As an engineering student, I put more thought into how an engine runs… Read more »

Coffee Culture on Campus

Coffee can signify different things to different people. To some, it’s a social lubricant and a warm beverage to gather around and talk. To others, it is fuel to make it through midnight and beyond. Some chug it quickly before rushing out the door in the early morning. Others sip it slowly on their commute…. Read more »

Academic Confessions: Engineering an opportunity

A co-worker asked me one day, “Why mechanical engineering?” I ummed and ahhhed for  a minute and realized that I had no answer. I had no idea why I chose to study mechanical engineering. Maybe it’s because I fancy myself as a smart lady who’s good at math and physics and can usually understand machines…. Read more »

Academic Confessions: Learning not to make mistakes

On my very first day at UVic, Dr. Brad Buckham described engineering as “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation”. That is what engineering is: a calling. The five-year journey is not for the faint of heart. From my experience so far, engineering is one the most rewarding and intensive… Read more »