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21-year-old UVic student publishes 127000-word novel

Today — Jan. 16 — her book is being released It’s not every day that a 21-year-old can say they’ve written a 127 000-word novel, ended a publishing contract won in a contest, and decided to self-publish instead to have more autonomy. Today — Jan. 16 — UVic theatre student Miriam R. Dumitra is releasing… Read more »

UVic English prof purchases pre-written essay

We’ve all been there. You looked at the assignment months ago and you thought about your topic, but somehow it’s the night before it’s due and you’re in a total panic because you let it slip. You have several choices at this point. You can pull an all-nighter and churn out a rushed, generic, not-great… Read more »

Update: Saudi Arabian students at UVic

Here’s what’s new since August On August 6, the Saudi Arabian government announced it would be withdrawing all Saudi nationals studying at Canadian universities. The announcement was made after Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, criticized the Saudi government’s human rights record on Twitter. In August, the Martlet reported that 34 Saudi students (23 undergraduate… Read more »

RENT is one-hundred-and-fifty-minutes of expert performances

(And moments so dear) Ooo-one huuu-uun-dred and fifty minutes / Ooo-one hundred and fifty moments so dear. The Victoria Operatic Society’s (VOS) one-hundred-and-fifty-minute-long production of RENT was definitely dear, as well captivating, professional, and touching. Victoria might not come to mind when you think of heaps of incredibly talented performers gathered together — that is,… Read more »

Group on campus is assembling to oppose Starbucks coming to UVic

They call themselves Stop Starbucks UVic and are rallying behind the slogan #StopStarbucks Activism is afoot at UVic as a group of students are gathering to protest the university’s recent announcement that Finnerty Express will be replaced with a Starbucks in the fall of 2019. The group is primarily a student-led, grassroots initiative calling themselves… Read more »