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Victoria Festival of Authors returns for a third year

The Victoria Festival of Authors (VFA) returned for its third year, Sept. 27 to Oct. 1. From what I saw of it, there is good reason for the popularity of the week-long event. The VFA is an opportunity for Canadian authors, both local and out-of-province, to attend readings, question-and-answer sessions, and workshops. I attended three… Read more »

A focus-destroying distraction

The Vancouver Canucks’ ban on Fortnite By this point, you will probably have heard of the video game Fortnite. If you haven’t, I’m impressed. Fortnite is a free-to-play, battle royale game in which players drop down from a bus onto an island, and must collect weapons and build forts in order to be the last… Read more »

Contented but conflicted

The Trans Mountain pipeline federal court ruling You’ve probably heard by this point that the Federal Court of Appeal ruled in favour of First Nations regarding the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, stating that the Canadian Government did not engage in “meaningful two-way dialogue” with First Nations affected by the project. The Court also said that… Read more »

Perfect practice makes perfect

The refined art of Shorin-ji Ryu Karate I find that the best way to describe Karate is to compare it to yoga — just with more punches and kicks. Both require a great deal of mindfulness when it comes to the position of your body and limbs, and each position has to be just right. You can’t… Read more »

Fringe 2018: Learning to love “To Hug”

Pepper spray, pink dresses, and airports — all you need, really Like many great stories, Jon Bennett: How I Learned to Hug begins in an airport. In the play, Bennett manages to make it to the airport three hours early but is held up by security due to a canister of pepper spray in his suitcase and… Read more »

Fringe 2018: Waiting for the world to end

The Last Garden is the poignant one-man show at this year’s Fringe that you need to see What would you do if you were the last person on earth? For the main character of The Last Garden, the answer is tend to a collection of flowers inside a garbage can, which just happens to be… Read more »

UVSS and UVic partnering on Harm Reduction Centre

If you’ve ever been in the basement of the SUB, you’ve probably walked past the Harm Reduction Centre (HRC) dozens of times without even realizing it. A small grey closet right across from Pride, the centre offers safer substance use resources, safer sex supplies, and information regarding the two. Opened in Nov. 2017, its co-ordinators — UVic… Read more »

Relics in Catholicism

Five hundred-year-old arm of St. Francis visited Victoria earlier this year On Jan. 27, St. Francis Xavier’s arm arrived in Victoria at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church. The relic had travelled across the country, tying into Canada’s celebrations of 150 years of confederation. The arm is kept inside what looked like a gold spoon placed in… Read more »

Canada’s gun control problem

As I’m writing this, there are marches in the United States for better gun control in the wake of another school shooting. There were even some in Canada in order to show solidarity for our neighbours down south. It’s no surprise that when it comes to the U.S., their own problems can overshadow ours. But… Read more »