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Dear Birdie #8

Sex, sex, and sex Dear Birdie: My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex yet, but we’re planning on it. I feel very comfortable with him and I think I’m ready, but he made an offhand comment about porn the other day and now I’m paranoid he’s going to have really unrealistic expectations of how it’s… Read more »

Dear Birdie #4

Sick family, selfish friends, and sorry financials Dear Birdie: My grandmother’s health is getting pretty bad, but I’m not even in the same province, and I haven’t seen her since August. We used to be really close when I was younger, and I miss talking to her since I’ve been away at school. My workload… Read more »

Dear Birdie: Bad grades, house parties, and break-ups

Dear Birdie: My high-school boyfriend and I came to UVic together. We live in the same residence and it’s been a lot of fun, but now I feel like I’m missing out on meeting new people and having different experiences. I’m thinking of breaking up with him but it feels like a betrayal because we… Read more »

Dear Birdie #2

The Martlet’s new bi-weekly advice column Dear Birdie: Throughout my whole undergrad degree (I am in my fourth year), I have been planning to enter a specific post-grad program to become a certified high school teacher. Recently, I have had a change of heart, and I really want to enter a different post-grad program to… Read more »

Dear Birdie #1

The Martlet’s new bi-weekly advice column Dear Birdie: I was way too nervous in the first few days of classes and I didn’t talk to anyone. Now school is kicking into gear and I’m worried that people will be too busy for me to actually start any friendships. How do I fix this so that… Read more »

Anatomical Art

A Uvic art student creates a collage of modified celebrity nude photos Framed in condensation, Scarlett Johansson steps from the shower and leans into a mirror. Jennifer Lawrence arches against the centre of a sofa, elbows propped against the couch back. Both actresses are naked, both images were leaked to the Internet and both are… Read more »