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Olympic dreams put on full display at CARSA

The athletes who filed into CARSA’s gym on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 19, differed in gender, height, size, and age, but they all had one unifying trait—they dreamt about becoming Olympians. “For me,” says Avalon Wasteneys, one of those athletes, “that was always the goal.” The RBC Training Ground program is a joint initiative… Read more »

The Martlet’s 2017 Victoria Film Festival picks

When Oscars season arrives in late January/early February, people change. All of a sudden, everyone and their dog becomes a film expert; the general public is preoccupied with finding a cinematic gem and making something up that sounds intellectual to show how deep and clever they are. “I was conflicted by La La Land— the colours really… Read more »

Why must the women’s basketball team play warm-up for the men?

If you ask me, the best part of a women’s basketball game at UVic is when it finishes. But my reasoning for that over-simplistic and intentionally facetious statement is most likely different than what you’d expect: I love the end of the women’s UVic basketball games because that’s when spectators actually arrive. If you’ve never… Read more »