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Writers raise concern about changes in Malahat Review editorship

University of Victoria plans to institute tenured faculty as next editor of prestigious literary journal Members of the Victoria literary community are holding a meeting to address concerns regarding a UVic decision to restrict the search for the next Malahat Review editor to tenured faculty at the university. Penned by four Victoria authors, including Yvonne… Read more »

UVic’s Indigenous Governance suspends enrolments after third-party review

Environmental review finds program experience left students “traumatized” | In a story broken by CBC News, the University of Victoria has suspended enrolment in its Indigenous Governance (IGOV) program, apologizing in the process for a graduate program that has left students “traumatized.” Instead of accepting new students, a letter from the university obtained by the… Read more »

A department divided

UVic’s Sociology department split over grad representative elections, program reviews, and allegations of sexism and racism The twisting corridors of Cornett have hidden more than their share of secrets since they were built in 1967. But the walls and stairwells of the notoriously complicated building have housed a particularly ominous conflict this year — a department in… Read more »

Why are there so many Albertans at UVic?

It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re out with some new University of Victoria friends, getting some drinks, and learning about these people you’re really excited to get to know. “Where are you from?” you ask, taking a drink of Hoyne Dark Matter because you’re an unabashed and unoriginal West Coaster. “Calgary,” says the… Read more »

UVic professor gets shoutout on Jeopardy

”Linguistics, 1200,” says the Jeopardy contestant on the March 26, 2018 edition of the show. Alex Trebek, doing his best (see: worst) Valley Girl accent, reads the clue: “Alexandra D’Arcy wrote a book on this word, as in ‘I’m ____ totally mad because Kim was all, ____, why can’t I date Kevin?’” The contestant buzzes… Read more »

Advocacy group policy scrapped at tense board meeting

Consultations will take place before policy is reintroduced / Interim Director of Outreach and University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer had barely started to introduce the agenda for the March 26 UVSS Board of Directors before Third Space representative Isabella Lee jumped in. The tone had been set: advocacy representatives felt strongly that there were changes that… Read more »