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New Netflix show ‘Sex Education’ is teaching us all about sex

On January 11, Netflix released a new show, Sex Education — and it’s the show about high school that you didn’t know you needed. Usually, when you rewatch your favourite old high school movies, the problems seem less relatable, the characters are whiny, and now, horrifyingly, you relate more to the parents than you do… Read more »

Cheap date spots in Victoria Part II

10 cool, inexpensive places for a date near UVic Valentine’s day is almost upon us, kids! Whether you put it out of your mind for the sake of your sanity, you’re pretending it doesn’t exist because it’s too expensive and depressing, or you just genuinely forgot, The Martlet is here to help. Last year, we… Read more »

Two UVic roommates shared one pair of pants for a whole year

Started from [sharing] the bottom[s], now we here Have you ever had a sibling or a friend borrow (steal) your clothes? It’s annoying because the day you go to put on your favourite sweater is the day you realize that it’s missing from your closet. Plus, your sister will definitely saunter past you without even… Read more »

Traditional tattoos of northwest coast First Nations celebrated at Vancouver gallery

The Bill Reid Gallery collaborated with First Nations tattoo artists from the northwest coast to celebrate the history of cultural tattooing ‘Body Language’ is an exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. which showcases the tradition and artistry of Indigenous tattooing and piercing on B.C.’s northwest coast. The artists and curators involved worked… Read more »

Big-wig reporters and ‘baby journos’ descended upon Calgary for NASH81

Just after New Year’s Day, five staff members from The Martlet made their way to Calgary to attend NASH81: Refine, the annual Canadian student journalism conference. This year, NASH was hosted by The Gauntlet, the University of Calgary’s student newspaper. The four-day conference saw hundreds of student journalists from across Canada come together to network… Read more »

A very merry, eco-friendly Christmas

10 tips for creating less waste this holiday season The season of giving is upon us! On the flip side, it’s also the season of creating waste. Tired of contributing to the cycle? Here are The Martlet’s top 10 tips for a more sustainable holiday season.   1. Give less packaging When choosing a gift… Read more »

Merry FUNKing Christmas

Funk Hunters get raucous at night two of Funk the Halls If you were in downtown Victoria on Dec. 1, you may have wondered why there was a parade of Santas, rave-ready-reindeer, and people decked out in Christmas lights making their way up Yates Street. These funk seekers were heading to the Christmas party to… Read more »