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EDITORIAL: 2018 — Ways the world didn’t let us down

In a world of thorns, the Martlet decided to stray from the usual by focusing on the roses of 2018 2018 has been a tumultuous year. The United States federal government implemented a family separation policy that saw children as young as five detained in cages, the United Nations announced that we have just twelve… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Give us a real resistance

Because Maclean’s Magazine’s definition isn’t satisfactory The word ‘resistance’ is not just a word. As with most language, there are substantial connotations that can be attributed to it. Perhaps one of the most famous resistances took place in Nazi-occupied France in WWII. La Resistance was a collection of grassroots groups that fought against the racism… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Response to Khashoggi murder is unacceptable

While there are many questions still remaining over what transpired on Oct. 2 when Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing, one thing’s certain: the sudden disappearance of one of Riyadh’s harshest critics is a blow to the backbone of democracy and freedom of the press around the world. The last known public sighting of… Read more »

EDITORIAL: It’s the end of the world and we all know it

Or is it? A report was released on Oct. 8 by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change announcing we have just 12 years before our planet surpasses the point of no return. The average temperature on earth has reached one degree celsius higher than pre-industrial averages. That may not seem like much, but… Read more »

EDITORIAL: The “costs” of the overdose crisis can never be recouped, class-action lawsuit or not

On Aug. 29, the B.C. government launched a class-action lawsuit against 40 manufacturers of opioid-based medications. Largely reminiscent of class-action lawsuits against tobacco companies in the 90s, B.C. Attorney-General David Eby announced that the lawsuit is being launched in an attempt to address the “corporate corruption and negligence” of drug manufacturers that the government believes… Read more »

This fall, don’t turn a blind eye to local politics

The first week of school is a busy time, whether you’re hauling a stack of insanely expensive textbooks out of the bookstore, outfitting your new dorm room, or finalizing your class schedule. But now is also an important time to remember something you probably heard back in grade school. Thousands of students from across the… Read more »

What not to do in your first year

Unfortunate true stories that should inspire UVic’s fresh faces to not do the same Always be prepared, especially when writing exams. I was writing a midterm for a math course in my first year at UVic. A few minutes before the exam, I found out that I had gotten my period. I tried to get tampons from… Read more »

Canada Day voted best national holiday by Settlers’ Magazine

Finally, our country made it onto a list that has nothing to do with drinking water advisories Settlers’ Magazine, a publishing organization known for their motto, “Well I think the border should be over here,” has once again released their international top three national holidays for the year, and our very own Canada graces the… Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Disappointment in UVic Sociology

Dear Editor, My name is a name, I am 49 years old, I am female . . . I am indigenous. I am writing in response to the article “A department divided” dated April 19, 2018. I have always always been socially motivated, so much so, that now I have worked and raised my family, I would like to… Read more »