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Climate debate needs refresh

Monday’s climate change forum, entitled A Dialogue: Climate Change, Divestment, and Society, posed many questions about how the University (and the world) should respond to the climate crisis brought on by fossil fuel emissions, but little was resolved or clarified by the debate. Panelists opposing UVic divesting from fossil fuels attacked the simplicity of divestment,… Read more »

Editorial: It’s time for change

Oh, did you hear about this? Just a fun, local story about the Mayor of Saanich. No, not anything good. No, not crack. He lied about an extramarital affair, then accused the police of putting spyware on his computer. That’s right; he thinks the police are trying to take him down and that they bugged… Read more »

Editorial: Securing the Internet once and for all

Where would our culture be without the Internet? For most, it’s an essential service, so why not treat it as such? With our data being passed around without transparency, why must we be abused by Internet providers as they bounce us between “one-time offers”? Many students here at UVic have bounced between Telus and Shaw,… Read more »

Editorial: The sky isn’t falling any faster

Happy New Year, readers. Was your holiday season peaceful? Relaxing? This magical time of year is always filled with an optimistic spirit channeling from the spirit of New Years resolutions and happy nights of leftover holiday cooking. So, we hate to burst your bubble, but the world seems more chaotic than ever. Ebola is still… Read more »

The right discussion for the wrong reasons

Fighting should—and in all likelihood will—be eliminated from hockey at all levels of the game. When that day comes, it will not be because Connor McDavid broke his hand, or Sidney Crosby broke his nose; it will be because it is what is right for the game.

New route, new website, same problems

B.C. Transit has a brand-new website. There is also a brand-new route: the 33 UVic via Richmond. Some transit execs could slather these accomplishments on a PowerPoint and present them at some sort of “look at how we’re improving” board meeting, but they don’t solve the bigger problems that affect all users. Any regular transit… Read more »

In support of divestment

Acclaimed professor and environmentalist David Orr once said: “Students hear about global responsibility while being educated in institutions that often invest their financial weight in the most irresponsible things.” UVic, along with most other universities, fit into that hypocritical chasm. However, what divestment offers us is a chance to admit to it and work towards improving our situation. We just can’t expect it to happen seamlessly, and this is where naysayers find their footing.

Bursting the music festival bubble

Strict security, high prices, and tall fences seem the norm at the super-festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury. The question is: do all the dollars ruin the raw, authentic experiences (musical or otherwise) that festivalgoers seek?

The burden of proof is far too heavy

For over a week now, a student at New York’s Columbia University has been carrying a heavy burden in full view of the public. As part of her visual arts thesis, called “Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight,” Emma Sulkowicz, 21, has been carrying a dorm mattress with her while on campus, just like the mattress… Read more »