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The burden of proof is far too heavy

For over a week now, a student at New York’s Columbia University has been carrying a heavy burden in full view of the public. As part of her visual arts thesis, called “Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight,” Emma Sulkowicz, 21, has been carrying a dorm mattress with her while on campus, just like the mattress… Read more »

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

We struggle with our beat-up voice recorders and shattered iPhones, politely shoving aside establishment media to ask critical questions like, “Rabbits or deer?”

Ask the question

On July 24, Angus Reid Global released the findings of a poll commissioned by lobby group Amalgamation Yes that shows widespread support for greater co-operation between municipalities, driven by issues that transcend municipal boundaries.

A new chapter for Indigenous rights

UVic meetings often begin with an acknowledgment of the unceded territories, a few sentences reminding participants of the history of campus land: that it, like most land in this province, has never been relinquished by its original Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ inhabitants through a negotiated treaty. The Government of B.C. has maintained that most unceded territory… Read more »

Major decisions

Nowadays, it’s easy to put off declaration until just before graduation. The students who planned their timetables got to graduate. Those who forgot a course had to stay behind. It wasn’t always like this. Prior to June 2002, students in these faculties had to declare by the end of their second year. But that requirement… Read more »

9 frugal tips for the struggling student

With the end of the semester around the corner, many students are finding their wallets so light they need to tie them down. Here are some tips for our struggling student readers to pinch those pennies, until the semester is over and you can go back to the land of capitalism and customer service. 1…. Read more »

Humour: it’s no laughing matter

What does it mean to be funny? It’s different for different people. Some people love fart jokes, while others prefer intricate social satire. Different theories on humour suggest that unexpectedness can be a trigger of laughter, or that people who are confused won’t find a joke funny. Humour tends to rely on the shared experience,… Read more »

Model students

Recently, online clothing store Betabrand added a new requirement to its hiring criteria for models-—a PhD. Betabrand’s spring line will exclusively feature women who either have or are in the process of earning a PhD. Debate has arisen over whether this move is either perpetuating the idea that brains are beautiful, or simply adding another… Read more »

Capitalism may save the planet

Throughout UVic and society at large, a powerful and persistent myth has taken hold: capitalist economics and business practices are fundamentally incompatible with the natural environment—environmental destruction is somehow an inevitable outcome of the free market, and overhauling our political, economic, and social systems ensures the preservation of nature. This mentality is well intended, but… Read more »

Porn is a job too

University and college cost thousands of dollars, and education is expected as a rite of passage for young people in our society. When there’s no financial support from family, and supporting oneself financially becomes difficult throughout school, things can look bleak. One student at Duke University in North Carolina, known as Belle Knox, willingly took… Read more »