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Chairperson candidate 2014: Kayleigh Erickson

Kayleigh Erickson is the chairperson candidate for Vision UVic. She is one of two candidates running for the position. Voting for this election opens March 5, 2014. What area do you study at UVic? I’m going into my third year of political science with a minor in sociology. What made you decide to run for… Read more »

Chairperson candidate 2014: Matt Hammer

Matt Hammer is the chairperson candidate for Link UVic. He is one of two candidates running for this position. Voting for this election opens March 5, 2014. What area do you study at UVic? I’m a history major with a minor in biology. What made you decide to run for chairperson? I’ve spent the last year… Read more »

Editorial: Abandoning liberty for security

In early June 2013, former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was collecting the telecommunications records of American citizens. The revelation shed light on the NSA’s global surveillance system, which expanded after  9-11. However, despite the protests and controversy that Snowden’s cache first… Read more »

Sex is great—communicate

By many accounts, romantic overtures were once a little simpler. Romance and sexuality required only a slightly veiled indication of interest to make intentions clear. Of course, the complexity beneath the surface has likely changed little over history. It’s just that, in modern society, the average person is more equipped—and permitted—to match language to their… Read more »

Streeters: How do you feel about free online porn?

Josef Méthot Fourth year Medieval Studies “I think the fact that it is so available is really challenging to our society. It’s challenging to our depth of sexuality. I think it has a major impact on men and women of all ages, especially young people, with how they think about sex and sexuality . . . Really,… Read more »

The study drug debate

You’re staring at the white background of a blank Word doc. Somewhere in your mind you had a vague outline, but now you can’t remember it. What was it again? Something about a guy? And a thing? And … another thing? The effort to concentrate is almost physically painful. What would you be willing to… Read more »

Editorial: Unfriending Facebook

Facebook is falling the way of the phonebook. Originally, it was so instant and interactive that people were hooked. But, with more and more instant forms of communication and social interaction, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, the compulsion to post regularly is lessening. Strangely, Facebook feels bulky, and increasingly irrelevant. Surely Mark Zuckerberg is… Read more »

The tyranny of textbooks

Whether you’re heading back to school or starting school this semester, buying a textbook or two is almost inevitable. Even if you’ve carefully saved your pennies, accounted for several months’ rent, and budgeted for food, textbooks can come as a surprising and hidden expense at the beginning of the semester—after you’ve already committed to a… Read more »

Martlet Photo Contest

We asked people to submit their best travel photos—to tell the story behind their snaps. Here, they share details about the “bigger picture,” and why sometimes, travel is about more than just the destination.     First place: Alison Root Hanya Prymak, holding a key in the village of Koshylivsti located in Ternopil Oblast, a province… Read more »

Editorial: Enbridge approval report worth reading

Less than a week before Christmas Day, the Joint Review Panel recommended the approval of the Enbridge Pipeline by the Federal government. Reactions have been as polarized as the preceding debate. Whether the pipeline is constructed as a direct result of the decision is, frankly, moot, as is any value judgment we attach. For now,… Read more »