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EDITORIAL: When it comes to LNG, we don’t need a ‘yaaas’ man

Ah, to go back to the simpler days of last year’s federal election. Justin Trudeau, having campaigned on the promise of rebuilding a nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous peoples and “real change” for Canadians, was elected Prime Minister, with his Liberal Party of Canada taking the reigns of parliament for the first time since 2006, when… Read more »

EDITORIAL: It’s better to break walls than build them up

On June 23, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum, a landmark decision that sent shockwaves throughout the world, and has left an entire nation in the midst of an identity crisis. Many Leave voters based their decision on the premise — albeit a shaky one — that doing so would close UK… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Super InTent City is just the tip of the iceberg

More so than ever before, the last few weeks have been a trying time for residents and neighbours of Victoria’s Super InTent City. On May 27, one of its residents was arrested for assaulting a CTV cameraman — one of two instances of reported violence in a 24-hour period. And now the province has filed a second… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Protect the source, protect the press

In a recent legal battle between VICE News and the RCMP, an Ontario court determined that a VICE reporter must divulge the contents of digital communications between himself and Farah Shirdon to the RCMP. Shirdon, an Islamic State fighter, was charged in absentia with six terrorism-related offences on Sept. 24, 2015, and the RCMP requested… Read more »

EDITORIAL: The scales of justice are past the tipping point

As last week’s Jian Ghomeshi verdict demonstrated, women continue to be disproportionately marginalized by the legal system — a system that, in theory, should be protecting them. On the one hand, women are cast by courts and the media as “vulnerable” people in need of protection — which, let’s face it, is benevolent sexism. On the other hand, there… Read more »

Sexual assault survivors are falling off the UVic edge

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about UVic’s sexual assault policy (or rather, their lack thereof), and rightfully so. From the assault that occurred on campus last September, to the home invasion that occurred near the university last month, to the recent arrest of a student on four counts of sexual assault (just to… Read more »