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Everything you never wanted to know (but probably should) about the UVSS

The multi-million-dollar question: Why should anyone care about student politics? With University of Victoria Student Society (UVSS) elections right around the corner, you might be wondering what the point is in caring about the UVSS or student politics in general. After all, the UVSS is only a $14 million-a-year organization run primarily by students in… Read more »

VIPIRG to kick off narrative-based sexualized violence research

Members of the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG) are undertaking a new approach to tackling issues of sexualized violence on campus — one that will feature the anonymously contributed narratives of survivors who have experienced sexualized violence from university faculty and staff. The research also builds on the organization’s current work in empowering… Read more »

Meet the UVic Professor behind the new $10 bill

On Nov. 19, Canada welcomed a new angle — literally — to their history and currency, with input from one of UVic’s very own. Over a year before Viola Desmond, a prominent defender of civil rights and social justice in Canada, emerged as the new face on the vertical 10 dollar bill the Bank of… Read more »

Cinecenta’s $20 000 renovations to begin over December break

Movie-goers can expect fresh paint, repaired seats in the new year, with more updates anticipated in the near future Cinecenta, UVic’s student-run campus movie theatre, will undergo $20 000 worth of renovations, beginning with updates to its walls, carpet, seats, and stage over the winter break. An additional $10 000 is anticipated to update the… Read more »

Give me liberty, or give me library fines

Why the UVic library should end the archaic practice of fining students for late returns Deadlines are everywhere, especially in university. Essays, projects, rent, tuition, graduation application — it can be a lot to keep track of. But perhaps the most trivial deadlines a student can miss are the ones enforced by the library. Which… Read more »

New campus group asks why UVic isn’t talking about generational poverty

Shoestring Initiative aims to dismantle ‘Bootstrap’ ideology at UVic and beyond A new group on campus is taking big steps to break down the stigma students experience with generational poverty. On Nov. 1, just over two dozen students, professors, and other members of the UVic community met for the Shoestring Initiative’s first gathering. The Shoestring… Read more »