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$5 million renos to compensate for smartphone use in washrooms

HUMOUR—After years of increasing line-ups for washrooms all over campus, UVic has announced plans to double the number of washroom stalls available in every building. In a highly anticipated news release Monday, building manager P. Leez Holdit announced the $5 million initiative. The project would see funding flowing to many different buildings, with the hopes… Read more »

Upcoming play promises mystery

When I meet Naomi Simpson and Julian Cervello, director and assistant director of Langham Court Theatre’s upcoming production I feel as though I’m the newest guest at a secret special party.

Proposed anti-smoking bylaw hurts homeless the most

Imagine a city untroubled by yucky smells, where happy citizens only make healthy choices. Doubtless, this is exactly what Victoria city councillors envisioned when they proposed an anti-smoking amendment to the Clean Air Act. The amendment would ban smoking in most public areas including parks, playgrounds, and any space within seven metres of a door… Read more »