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Public art in Victoria

“The difference between sanctioned and unsanctioned art is not just a question of legality. It’s more a question of what kinds of artworks get funding from the city or get legitimized by an official body.” –Sarah Fruchtman

Saving Rivers

“I died three times,” said a resident of Sungai Asap. “Once when we were forced off our land, once when our land was flooded, and once when we weren’t even paid fair compensation.”

10-year moratorium on campus deforestation to expire

The trail on the journey between the MacLaurin building end of the quad and the Engineering building is as eccentric as routes between classes go. It seems like a trek through the wilderness, except it’s less than 100 metres long. Like most places on the UVic campus, there is history there. The woods that the… Read more »

You know you’re a first year when

Well, class has just begun, you’ve settled into residence and you’re thinking that this is how your first year will play out. You’re wrong. You’ve only had a taste, but no fear! I’ve compiled a checklist of sorts so you can see if you’ve had the full first-year experience yet or not. So, you know… Read more »

Penny thoughts and loose education-change

“Change” has to be the most romanticized word used by organizations of all kinds. Many preach the importance of relevant progression, yet few “leaders” actually lead by example. How many times have you heard the phrase “change is good”? The education system loves to toot its own horn when telling students to lead and “change… Read more »