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San Felix’s Teenage Dream

Local indie-rock band releases Fire Island EP In the midst of listening to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, Death Grips’ Jenny Death, and other popular hip-hop releases that have seemingly come in a tidal wave this past month, I’ve been pulled back to a genre I thought I’d long moved past: indie-rock. The genre’s… Read more »

Martlet’s musical picks of 2014

Cormac O’Brien: Damien Rice: My Favourite Faded Fantasy (Folk) After an 8 year absence, My Favourite Faded Fantasy marks a triumphant return for singer/ songwriter Damien Rice. With songs ranging from sombre to depressing, the record is a remarkable listen. With masterful production courtesy of Rick Rubin, Rice’s songwriting is highlighted in a way never before… Read more »

Beach House entrances Sugar nightclub

  Beach House was probably my first taste of “indie” music back in the mid-00’s. I can remember stealing their self-titled debut off of my sister’s CD shelf and being confounded at the ethereal nature of it. The duo, comprised of singer/keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist/vocalist Alex Scalley, produce a sound which is often characterized… Read more »

Victoria gets Queer As Funk

Correction: Jocelyn Macdougall is the band’s newest addition, not a founding member. Band members also stick to suits, not sequins. The article has been amended to reflect this. Like their title suggests, the sound of Queer as Funk is in the tradition of classic Motown, soul, and funk; a sound belted out by vocalists in… Read more »

Victoria gets Queer As Funk

Like their title suggests, the sound of Queer as Funk is in the tradition of classic Motown, soul, and funk; a sound belted out by vocalists in sequined outfits and equally bright horn sections.

Returning to school routines

With September approaching, it’s difficult to know whether I’ve really changed as a student since April. I’ve often had to give vague and mixed answers to those who ask how I felt about first year. Even as I type this, there are course binders underneath my bed filled with leftover notes. I figured I would… Read more »

March is Fraud Awareness Month

March marks Fraud Awareness Month across Canada, and government organizations and websites are encouraging public awareness that will help Canadians to protect themselves from identity theft. Identity theft and fraud occur when someone steals personal information to assume someone’s identity and gain access to their finances, making purchases that create debts in their name, or… Read more »

This year’s Juno nominations are in

t’s no secret that mainstream music award shows tend to be narrow-minded in their nominations and are not known for giving out awards based on artistic innovation and variety. What’s played off as an all-out celebration of the finest and most talented heads in the music industry new and old has often been ridiculed for… Read more »

Music for the mood—and more

Preferred genres of music are not unlike fetishes. Everybody has their own small collection of likes and dislikes, which can make it hard to find someone who’s into all the same styles, genres, and, well, musical kinks you appreciate. But when things manage to click into place with the other half, fireworks start flying. So… Read more »

The irrelevant Generation-Y of celebrities

I love Jennifer Lawrence as much as the last fanboy who tweeted about how she’s so down-to-earth, or giving a new face to female representation in Hollywood, or that gif of her spilling a tin full of mints. But I have a confession to make: I’m starting to wonder why all this thought towards someone… Read more »