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The Martlet Podcast—Episode 3

Who the hell cares what critics have to say? Well, Carl Wilson, music critic for Slate and Billboard and UVic Writing’s 2016 Southam Lecturer, might. We caught up with Wilson and talked about the role of criticism in today’s democratized internet culture.

Ban the grizzly trophy hunt

The spring hunt for grizzly bears is now in full swing across B.C. This season alone, hundreds of hunters will descend into the Great Bear Rainforest to seek out a trophy. But in an age when we are anxious to leave the environment thriving for our children and grandchildren, isn’t it time to end this… Read more »

Jumbo Wild: filmmakers take on icy controversy

In July 2013, sound artist and composer Paul Walde, accompanied by a crew of about 100 people, trekked to the Farnham Glacier in the Kootenays to perform a four-movement orchestral requiem for a unique audience: the landscape itself. On Dec. 11, Sweetgrass Productions and outdoor apparel company Patagonia are releasing a new documentary, Jumbo Wild,… Read more »