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Mind Games

For many Canadians, the Stanley Cup is the silver chalice closest to their hearts. However, this particular resident of the Great White North possesses another grail that—in his eyes—rivals Lord Stanley’s mug in majesty. Although its material origin is merely a trophy store called “Showcase,” not far from downtown Victoria, it was forged into an… Read more »

Canada funds medical supplies for Ukraine

As the Sochi games come to a close, a controversy that continues to engulf the region has escalated. Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, has elected to tie his nation’s economy with that of its Russian neighbour—a move that critics argue positions Ukraine under Vladimir Putin’s ever expanding influence. Protests continue to surge throughout the country, as… Read more »

Record number of B.C. transplants in 2013

2013 was a banner year for organ donations within B.C., surpassing the previous year’s already impressive quantity by over 40 transplants. The 346 transplants within the calendar year saw organ waitlists shrink and patient satisfaction grow—a feat attributable to many factors. Most notably, transplant centres have recently been granted the capacity to fast track living… Read more »

B.C. Ferries prices to rise

The travel home for next month’s reading break just became a little bit more burdensome. As B.C. Ferries raise their fare prices by 3.5 per cent on Jan. 17, UVic students with family and friends on the mainland breathe an understandable collective sigh. Although the surcharge is minimal, the increase comes just three months before… Read more »

Distinguished scholars receive honorary degrees from UVic

This past Nov. 13, two elite members of the international academic community received honorary degrees from UVic. The recipients, Patrick Lane and Dr. George Whitesides, are recognized for achievements in different fields. While the former is honoured for monumental contributions to the abstract world of poetry, the latter is responsible for making significant strides in… Read more »

Should the Olympics impose popular values?

When discriminatory notions result in malevolent action against certain groups, they should be reassessed by those in positions of power. The new law passed by the Russian government, which incriminates homosexuality and all “propaganda” surrounding it, presents a situation in which only the powerful can better the fate of an ostracized minority group. With the… Read more »

R. Luongo and the Canadian Dream

A new collective bargaining agreement has been tentatively reached between NHL players and owners, salvaging this year’s NHL season. In light of this, a question has resurfaced in the minds of Canucks fans: what is to become of Bobby Lou? Ridiculed by fans and the media in times of lackluster performance, worshipped and revered by… Read more »