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No, Canada: What’s happened to Canada’s game?

So here’s where we’re at: it’s April 12, the playoffs open tomorrow, and now is usually the time I grudgingly prepare to root for the Habs for two weeks before they inevitably lose in the third round, having preserved at least a shred of Canadian pride in this 23 year Stanley Cup drought. However, this… Read more »

State of the unions: What CUPE 4163’s fight teaches us

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there’s a union, there’s an answer. The status of employment on campus may not be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but the reality is that a great many students, especially at the graduate level, depend on the university for their current livelihood as well as… Read more »

Methinks y’all doth protest too much

What is it about yelling that makes people think they’re being heard? Living in the internet age, being vocal has taken on a whole new, ironically voiceless meaning. Speech, no longer spoken by one human being to another but typed through a mechanized medium from one faceless, purposeless cretin to an army of others, has… Read more »

Did CFS bad blood turn into UVSS mad love?

On Nov. 15, 2010, the University of Victoria Students Society (UVSS) began what turned into a lengthy legal battle to withdraw from the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), a national organization that lobbies the government at the federal level on behalf of member universities. On Mar. 29, 2011, students cast a decisive vote and the… Read more »

Beyoncé bowls over white expectations

So, the Super Bowl happened. There were a couple gangs of men running into each other and falling down, while some other dudes whistled and waved hankies, but more importantly: there was Beyoncé. Because, in case you were under a rock somewhere or out living an actual life, Beyoncé didn’t simply slay. She used her… Read more »

Tent city persistence meets local resistance

On Monday, Jan. 11, residents of the Victoria tent city — now known as Super InTent City — held a news conference in response to the government’s advisory stating that they find alternative shelter. Less than a week after the news conference took place, the City opened its doors as part of a larger open-house initiative in the hopes… Read more »

UVSS executives ready motions for general meeting

Despite a few procedural stumbling blocks, the UVSS board meeting was able to push through a significant amount of business over three and a half hours Monday night. The marathon session reviewed status reports from critical student associations, and heard on several requests to garner funding from the student body. Opening the meeting was an… Read more »

Through the Looking Glass

All photos by Sarah Lazin There are times in a city when you find yourself removed into another world. Yet, never has this experience been so accentuated as when two curious reporters visited the self-proclaimed Super InTent City in the heart of downtown Victoria. Stepping through the break in the hedge which neatly encompasses the… Read more »