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CST expands class action against B.C. Hydro

Citizens for Safe Technology (CST) and B.C. Hydro’s commercial customers are taking expanded class action against B.C. Hydro, as they believe the Smart Meter program violates citizens’ civil rights. The exact court date is not yet settled, however, since the judge has yet to “certify the file.” Sharon Noble, director of CST, said, “Our [new]… Read more »

NSLSC speaker offers advice to student loan holders

On Nov. 19, 2013, a regional representative from National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) held a presentation at UVic’s Clearihue building about tips on paying student loans back for those who are struggling to repay. During the presentation, the speaker gave useful information about basic student loan repayment. The information covered basic principles related to… Read more »

Citizens for Safe Technology takes action against B.C. Hydro

The group Citizens for Safe Technology (CST) and its supporters have initiated legal action against B.C. Hydro for its implementation of the Smart Meter. They believe the Smart Meter invades people’s human and civil rights. According to Sharon Noble, director of CST, two lawsuits are in progress: one for violation of human rights and the… Read more »

UVic Faculty Association launches unionization drive

The University of Victoria’s Faculty Association launched a union certification drive at an Oct. 7 general meeting in an attempt to pursue increased collegiality between the Faculty Association and the university’s administration. Although UVic has been trying to unionize since 1988, there remained some issues in finalizing the matter. “The relationship between the university and… Read more »