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More to Beyoncé than just music, says instructor

Melissa Avdeeff has a lot to say about pop culture. Having first approached popular music as an academic while she was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music, she wrote her master’s thesis on women’s representation in popular media, with chapters on Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Gwen Stefani. And now, she’s taught a course about it…. Read more »

Chair of Transgender Studies brings personal experience to role

On Jan.15, UVic announced Sociology professor and Transgender Archives Founder and Academic Director Aaron H. Devor as the world’s first Chair of Transgender Studies — a monumental appointment. As Chair, Devor will help to push for better policies regarding trans people by “consulting with various bodies outside of academia.” He plans to translate research he conducts himself,… Read more »

The best decision I made in 2015

In a haze of essay-writing near the end of term, I bought a ticket to the Dec. 14 Vancouver stop on Miley Cyrus’ Milky Milky Milk tour. I’d hoped that Cyrus, better than anyone, could teach me a thing or two about letting loose and not taking life so seriously. But after a listen through… Read more »

Refugees welcomed with local, national initiatives

The History Refugee Committee of UVic is hosting a silent auction fundraiser to sponsor a Syrian refugee family on Wednesday, Dec. 9 in the Michele Pujol Room in the Student Union Building (SUB) from 7 to 9:30 p.m. The charity auction showcases services including spa time and kayaking trips, while items range from art to… Read more »

Music the only way forward for Towers and Trees songwriter

Towers and Trees, a Victoria-based indie-folk band, became known in 2012 for “Montreal,” a song about running away to the east “where the action is.” For a young Adrian Chalifour, their lead singer and songwriter, moving to the east meant choosing music for his life: “It just had to be,” he said. “There was no… Read more »

Dear employers of Victoria

STOP WASTING EVERYBODY’S TIME.  Now, I’m sure there are a handful of you who are trustworthy and ethical. But for those who’ve scammed me and my friends and their friends and so on . . . fuck you. This summer, my typical job experience has been as follows: I get an interview, I get the job, I go in… Read more »

Chilean artist turns to peace while existing in world of conflict

Guillermo Mier remembers his childhood encounter with Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, a poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. Although brief, their exchange was unforgettable to him. “When he left the podium, you know, taking pictures and everything, he came, said hello to my father, and then he stroked my head. He… Read more »