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Bad date confessions: vol. 4

To answer your first question, no: not all off these bad date stories are my own. However, while I can’t take credit for every awkward hug, drive to the restaurant gone bad, or speedy bike-ride date, I can take pleasure in re-hashing these bad date confessions to make you, the reader, feel better about your… Read more »

Bloc-Québécois steal show at Clash of Clubs debate

Students assemble for more charged political discussion Despite not having a single Bloc-Québécois representative in B.C.’s Provincial legislature, the French sovereignty party made their presence felt at the latest Clash of the Clubs debate. Six student-led political party groups — the Conservatives, Liberals, Greens, New Democratic Party (NDP), Communists, and the Bloc — lined up on the David Lam… Read more »

Feb. 5 UVSS Board meeting recap

Days before their Semi-Annual General Meeting, the UVSS convened to discuss a new member at the table, Third Space’s rebranding process, and a change to Cinecenta. The meeting started with Director of Outreach & University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer welcoming Sabrina Studney as the new Executive Director, which resulted in gracious applause from the board.  … Read more »

Emergency kit essentials

Victorians were given a harsh wake-up call in the early hours of Jan. 23. After a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska and a tsunami warning followed, residents were reminded that we live in a dangerous part of the world when it comes to natural disasters. VicAlert — the City of Victoria’s emergency notification… Read more »

Could running and writing be the next great combination?

Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, Batman and Robin: such classic duos that you or I can’t imagine one without the other. But, running and writing? Normally, I wouldn’t have thought those two worked so well together. That is, until I raised my hand in Writing 215, Introduction to Journalism, last semester. I had… Read more »

Jan. 22 UVSS Board meeting recap

Tensions were high at the latest board meeting, which dealt with board personnel and potential name changes. The meeting commenced with the addition of Isabella Lee, who was added to the board as the Third Space representative. In her first report to the board, Lee said she was excited for this new era of Third… Read more »

UVSS unveils Friendship Bench

In the midst of the grey and dreary Victoria ‘winter’ weather, Mother Nature prevailed by shining down on the UVic campus on the same day another bright addition to the university was announced. On Jan. 16, a remarkably sunny day, the UVSS unveiled the vibrant yellow “Friendship Bench” outside the Student Union Building. The initiative… Read more »

Top 10 sports stories of 2017

With knees taken and championships raised, 2017 was a memorable year for sports around the world. Despite the fact that 2017 didn’t include the Chicago Cubs 108-year-old-curse-shattering World Series win that 2016 did ( yes, I had to plug my beloved Cubbies in this piece), it was still a good year. Last year will be defined… Read more »

The Martlet’s 5 hottest takes of 2017

Every year, white-hot opinion pieces are printed to figuratively burn holes through newspapers far and wide. This year, however — fueled by the numerous outlandish statements of U.S. President Donald Trump, the outbreak of sexual harassment allegations amongst celebrities, and a number of other controversial happenings — seemed an especially big year for scalding ‘hot-takes.’ Here are the Martlet’s… Read more »

Dirty money

Petition, article shames UVic for dealing with corporate climate change deniers  An opinion piece in The Tyee has called out UVic for attempting to profit from fossil fuel companies while trying to maintain its “commitment to sustainability.” The Nov. 3 article, titled “UVic Seeks to Profit from Corporate Climate Change Deniers,” is written by UVic Environmental… Read more »