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Campus Community Garden: weed it and reap

The UVic Campus Community Garden has an office in the Student Union Building, SUB B118. The organization also receives student funding, $0.76 per student per year. Yet the land of the garden itself has never been incorporated into UVic’s campus plan, and its hold on its soil remains tenuous. “The university is of the position… Read more »

Letting the cat out of the bag

  Many years ago, when I too was young, I went for a walk and met a stray kitten. He followed me home and I let him in, opened a desk drawer, and put in a blanket. Purring, he climbed in and slept. He and I discovered common traits, among them a shared predatory disposition…. Read more »

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Olympic games?

Brandon Johnston Second year Civil Engineering “I’m excited to see team Canada play.” Elly Thorne Fourth year Religious Studies “I hope there’s some noise about, is all; I don’t expect athletes to boycott the games, because it’s obviously kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity for them, but I do hope there’s some publicity… Read more »

Aggression and the illusion of power

If a person bugs you, ignore him, and he’ll stop. This was the standard advice that adults gave me as a child. I suppose it was comfortable to them because it was non-violent and sounded vaguely plausible. It was also spectacularly ineffective, so I found it less comfortable than they did. I once read a… Read more »