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Kellie Leitch’s Canadian values crusade crumbles under scrutiny

In early September, Conservative Party MP Kellie Leitch began her campaign for leadership of the party. In doing so, she has purposed that one of her main focuses as a party leader is immigration, particularly through screening newcomers for what she deems “anti-Canadian values.” While Leitch has a strong stance on protecting Canadians, she has… Read more »

UVic Mobile app still has a ways to go

This summer, UVic released an updated version of their mobile app that connects new and current students to campus life. After the latest update in 2013, students have been waiting for a new way to check their My Page information on a mobile device that doesn’t leave stuff cut off with the screen. And for… Read more »

TextbookBroke campaign pushes for lower textbook costs

Tired of spending obscene amounts of money on textbooks you hardly use anyway? On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the UVSS announced the start of the TextbookBroke campaign, which hopes to ease the burden on UVic student’s wallets during the back-to-school crunch. The campaign’s goal is to help save students money through the promotion of cost-saving measures,… Read more »

I tried a bamboo toothbrush in the pursuit of sustainable consumerism

With a slew of sustainable products flooding our newsfeeds via crowdfunding campaign websites like Kickstarter, it’s difficult to tell what’s actually sustainable and what’s just trendy. I decided to try out one product called BamBrush, a biodegradable toothbrush made of bamboo developed by UVic business student Ryan Price and his friends — among them a second business… Read more »

Shakespeare comes back to life at City Hall

According to historians, April 23 marks Shakespeare’s birthday and death day — and this year marks the 400th anniversary of both. To celebrate the poet and playwright, the City of Victoria put on Waking the Bard, hosted by Victoria’s poet laureate Yvonne Blomer as part of National Poetry Month. Attendees were treated to Elizabethan music from the… Read more »

UVic students start B.C.’s first blind soccer club

Some call it soccer, others call it football. No matter the name, soccer is played in over 200 countries and is the most watched sport in the world. At its most basic level, soccer only requires a ball and a single player to start—it’s one of the most accessible sports because of its language of… Read more »

Community marches in solidarity with indigenous women

Remembrance and healing were at the forefront of the annual Stolen Sisters Memorial March for missing and murdered indigenous women, which took place on Feb. 14. The march of around 800 people began at Our Place Society on Pandora Ave., and proceeded to the Legislature. There, food was provided and families shared stories to honour… Read more »