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Fencing with The Force

Inside a fencing mask, the world disappears. The light of the room dims, eyes shielded by the tight cross-section of wire mesh that stretches around my face like a cage. Sounds slack off, as yells and cheers are reduced to muffles by the time they reach the ears. All that remains is the pumping of… Read more »

The costs of an active Canadian child

On a frigid winter night, Sam Anderson trekked across the University of Victoria campus, headed for the blazing lights igniting the black sky. Approaching the labyrinth of interlocking athletic fields—a Rubik’s cube configuration of freshly mowed lawn, menacing goal posts, and end zones—the constant scuffing sound of cleat against turf rumbled though the wind, interrupted by… Read more »

10 Christmas movies that should never, ever be produced

Zooey Deschanel falls in love with a man-child who wears yellow leggings and eats candy for breakfast. An eight-year-old boy spends Christmas Eve as a vigilante, while befriending a creepy old man. Tim Allen accidentally kills Santa Clause. His punishment? Massive weight gain and a beard any hipster would be proud of. Jim Carrey refuses… Read more »

10 last-minute Halloween costumes

Unlike other holidays, Oct. 31 is extremely self-centred. We’re all dressing to impress (or for the ladies, under-dressing) while still remaining culturally relevant. But what’s one to do if Value Village is sold out of sultry witch, sexy witch, and scary witch costumes? 1. Your evil twin What would the wicked version of you wear?… Read more »

Eats, chews and leaves: Food and fashion at Mo:Lé

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they’ll wait in a line for. Midnight releases of novels, films and video games usually garner a large fandom queue, thrill-seekers can be found waiting for the next chairlift and the musician in all of us can’t help but fall in for a good… Read more »

A-List: Free stuff and how to use it

S.W.A.G.— It’s Stuff We All Get, but what’s one to do with all the stuff once we’ve, you know, gotten it?   Plastic water bottle Drinking from this vessel will probably kill you: plastic is poisonous. Why not use it as a watering can for that houseplant you’re trying to nurture? Wait, can plastic kill… Read more »