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Buoy, oh buoy: UVic engineers get powered up by ocean waves

Grey waves crash against a lone buoy off the coast of Vancouver Island. Pale sunlight glitters across the Pacific and stretches far into the distance — a silver blend of sea and sky. A seagull hops atop the buoy’s red surface and bobs along to the ocean’s beat. Another wave slams into the metal. And on the… Read more »

Streeters: We asked you about new gender-inclusive washrooms

At the end of October, more than 75 single-stall washrooms across campus will be posted with new signs to indicate a gender-inclusive facility. How do you feel about the gender-inclusive signs, and what else would you like to see UVic do to support the diverse communities around campus? “I think that the single-stall washrooms with… Read more »

New book dams fur trade, champions Canadian critters

The North American beaver. They’re an icon of Canadian heritage, but for UVic sessional instructor Frances Backhouse, they’re a lot more valuable than their place on the nickel. With the upcoming launch of her new book Once They Were Hats, Backhouse uses her passion of ecology to shine light on the critical role beavers play… Read more »

Getting prepared for your Eurotrip adventure

Are you a victim of the “travel bug” pandemic that’s sweeping the nation? Like the explorers before our time, our generation has curiosity coursing through our veins, sparking a desire to discover faraway lands, interact with new people, and experience eye-opening cultures. Stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing to travel independently gives you… Read more »