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A-list: 10 ways to spot a tourist

Distinct from Victorians, the tourist is a unique breed of human native to places all over the world. To identify a possible tourist, look closely; they can look a lot like regular humans, but with a few distinct characteristics. They walk around with a vague look of dazed confusion. Other characteristics include gazing upwardly for… Read more »

Dear Epson…

On Saturday, April 5, comedian Danny Bhoy graced Victoria with his presence at our own Royal Theatre, which I had the opportunity—nay—the pleasure to watch. Having been a huge comedy fan since my first experience with Just for Laughs when I was but a girl, Bhoy’s work is not unfamiliar to me, and I was… Read more »

Online courses undermine quality education

In the case of the millennial and post-millennial generations, the integration of technology and the Internet with daily activities increases continuously, and education is no exception. Moving university courses to an online setting is convenient for those who may not have access to traditional campuses, and can increase university revenue by allowing teachers to have… Read more »

Canadians question fairness of Fair Elections Act

Bill C-23, better known as the Fair Elections Act, was first presented to the House of Commons on Feb. 4. It comprises a 252-page document that outlines many different amendments to current electoral acts and Elections Canada processes, involving voters, candidates and parties, and elections officials. Despite its name, however, politicians and citizens across the… Read more »

Bringing the Internet to an offline generation

“Cyber-Seniors” is an inventive initiative for social change, making a strong impact through a deceptively simple idea. The documentary film of the same name, which played during this year’s Victoria Film Festival, showcases how generation gaps may be bridged with the help of information technology. It all started with one family. When 19-year-old Kascha Cassaday… Read more »

Changes to liquor laws not all about availability

Since Sept. 2013, the B.C. government has been working to remodel the province’s liquor laws. The government released its final recommendations Jan. 31, which highlight things like allowing alcohol to be sold in grocery stores, removing the fences around beer gardens, and allowing establishments to offer happy hours. Though desire for added convenience has influenced… Read more »

An introvert speaks up

Extraversion and introversion are words that are thrown around quite liberally these days. To the frustration of many, these terms are often misunderstood and can even have negative connotations. A common misperception is that extraverts are highly animated, high-energy social butterflies, and introverts are shy, reclusive wallflowers. The fact is, however, that most people, rather… Read more »