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Rewind that tape: vintage goodies for the old at heart

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris will forever remain a film dear to me because of the protagonist’s adamant fondness for the past. The lesson learned became similar to the idea that it’s okay to have your head in the clouds as long as your feet are on the ground. If you’re firmly planted in the… Read more »

East coast hunting: a New York City shopping guide

Rusty fire escapes and packed streets merely glaze the richness of life in Manhattan. The city glows in the night with two-dimensional entities streaming across bulbed billboards, sneaking their way into the photographs of those who can’t stay. I dedicated a day to hunt down and get a taste of the boutiques, most of which… Read more »

Green isn’t just a colour

Were you ever one of those kids who thought having a green thumb literally meant having a green-coloured thumb? I (adorably) was, but I learned later that being green is a lifestyle, and it’s one you can wear. Handmade items are always a favourite in my book, because for some reason they remind me of… Read more »

Katwalk: Fashion amalgams

The most interesting stores are those with a concept or a theme that houses different brands cohesively. Items are brought in based on a particular style that follows the signature of the store and its owners. You can even observe this style in the store’s interior design. They concentrate their concept into a smaller space… Read more »

Katwalk: All about you

Valentine’s Day is getting closer, which means panic is in the air. Although it’s difficult to find gifts for your other, it’s relatively easy to find gifts for yourself. Therefore, why not treat yourself to something that your other will inevitably have a weakness for, something that will make your interlocking bodies waltz to the bedroom… Read more »

Katwalk: On Pointe

Often I find myself obsessed specifically with the curves of the body—shoulder blades, collarbones, or arches of the foot. Despite relinquishing the ambition of becoming a prima ballerina assoluta many years ago, I still appreciate the speechless storytelling and enviable flexibility of the ballet and its dancers. I learned from reading the interviews of the… Read more »

Double back to Korea

During the holidays, I returned to my mother’s homeland for the second time, to further absorb the culture I was geographically isolated from in my early youth. If you know anything about Korea, it’s probably about the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic stores were my first visit’s focus; this time I decided there was… Read more »

Cold-shouldered formality

Every winter, the University of Victoria holds a Winter Formal dance at the end of November for the on-campus residents. I attended it in my first year, and if you have a chance, why not? I really spent most of the time at the table with the edibles anyway, because . . . free food. But dressing… Read more »

The sun’s deception

The time has come for the sun to fool us all. When it’s sunny out, it doesn’t always mean it’s warm. It means the desperately romantic wind is trying to sweep us off our feet by smothering us in fallen leaves. The first wave of viruses is just receding, so let’s not get caught by… Read more »