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Letters: UVic Sustainability Project—In Action!

In 1999, two environmental studies students on campus questioned why our campus was creating so much waste, so they dug deeper. They needed qualitative and credible evidence, so they conducted 13 sustainability audits on campus in environmental health energy, water, curriculum, and waste management to provide recommendations to the campus administration. The momentum began to… Read more »

Cyclists deserve respect, too

Victoria claims itself to be “bike-friendly;” however, being on the roads for about three years now—since becoming a student at the University of Victoria—I have mixed feelings about that claim.

Simple tips for staying green

Meatless Mondays From cattle to patty, we are often unaware of the enormous amount of grain, water, land, and energy required to produce meat products. You don’t have to go vegetarian—after all, humans are omnivores—but even one vegetarian day out of the week will reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Be sure to pick a healthy… Read more »

Success in a bottle

Though it only takes a day to make a week’s worth of Mylkmaid almond milk, it took five years before Kiley McLean finally rented a kitchen and started to grind.

My lifestyle philosophy of minimalism

What is your purpose for living every day? Take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about your passions, hobbies, habits, weaknesses, and experiences. So many of us are bombarded with constant notifications and email alerts the second we wake up. I am guilty for checking my email before drinking my first glass… Read more »

Gluten-free and vegan apple oatmeal crisp


An apple a day crumbles illness away. Whether you like to bite into an apple, thinly slice an apple to top a salad or eat apples in a pie, this wonderful fruit is affordable and generally available all year round. In the summer time, I go apple picking and make desserts, jams, and pies, and… Read more »

Crunchy treat for your health

  Sometimes my mouth craves a delicious crunch. Are chips and fries the only solution to fulfil this guilty pleasure? No, not at all. Instead of paying extra dollars to companies for packaging and brand labeling, why not make your own granola in half the time it will take you to run down to the grocery… Read more »

Anorexia: My Story

  When people hear me fluently speak unaccented English, they least expect me to say I am from Taiwan. And when my friends compliment my simple and nutritious eating and cooking habits, they are surprised by my traumatic experience with ‘the beast’ eight years ago. This disease is not uncommon, but everyone has a different… Read more »

Fresh-baked entrepreneurship

A common concern for students is potential careers—not just the question of what career one wants to aim for, but also how likely one is to achieve that aim. Many turn to entrepreneurship, attempting to carve out their own niche rather than competing for existing jobs, but very few have what it takes to succeed…. Read more »