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With the immortal Xenotext, poetry gets stranger than fiction

The “world’s best-selling poet,” University of Calgary’s Christian Bök, is hard at work on The Xenotext, a project for which he’s used genetic modification to implant an enciphered poem into the living DNA of a bacterium. Bök’s plan is to to make use of D. Radiodurans, an organism capable of surviving nuclear holocausts and travelling… Read more »

A bow to Bowie

During the renaissance, before medicine was all that reliable, an important concept in the western world was the Ars Moriendi, or “the art of dying.” Because death was always an imminent thing, it was considered essential to know how to “die well.” What that entailed was somewhat outside the scope of what we now think… Read more »

Jack Hodgins theatre adaptation rolls full steam ahead

Theatre Inconnu’s latest offering is a brand-new reworking of a West Coast classic. Spit Delaney’s Island reimagines the title story of Jack Hodgins’ 1976 collection of the same name, now adapted for the stage by veteran playwright Charles Tidler. The play revolves around Spit Delaney, an aging Vancouver Island man whose life has begun to… Read more »