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Letters to the editor — March 23

Racism alive and well in Canada I noticed that early Thursday afternoon, near the UVSS, there was somehow an event about “How do you challenge white supremacy?” But I assume you know that this event is taking place. [Ed. See here.] There was interesting informations about white supremacy on the side, and also a big… Read more »

Letter: International students should not bear undue financial burdens

Editor, The Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) is strongly opposed to the proposed decoupling of international and domestic tuition slated for a vote at the March 28 meeting of UVic’s Board of Governors. Of 3 000 graduate students at UVic, nearly 900 pay international tuition. This proposal could see international tuition raised 5 per cent in May,… Read more »

Letter: Those on the left need to deal with dissenting voices


Re: “In the debate over free speech, there are no clear winners,” March 9 As well meaning as the editor’s sentiments are in your editorial “In the debate over free speech there are no clear winners,” there is a binary present of ‘left’ and ‘right.’ The censorship of Peter Singer’s speech is indicative of what… Read more »

Letters—Feb. 9

Re: “Let the students edit,” Jan. 26 Dear Editor, The editorial is quite surprising to read, since I was always under the assumption that peer edited work was always supported by educational institutions (since the creative writing department at Camosun College actively encourages workshops between stu- dents). This Policy on Academic Integrity amendment definitely seems… Read more »

Letters to the editor: Nov. 3

University Bible Fellowship accusations unfounded Editor’s note: On June 9, the Martlet published a story titled “Student club connected to an organization accused of cult-like activities.” This report outlines the connections between the University Bible Fellowship — a UVic student club — and the worldwide organization of the same name, the latter of which has been accused of activities… Read more »

Letters to the editor: March 31

The acquittal of Ghomeshi renewed hopelessness for survivors of sexual violence. The evidence of how the justice system is rigged to favor rapists has never been clearer. Either all women need special training in formulating their rape accusations or all men need radical training in healthy relationship development. Jian is socially ruined but his retaliation… Read more »

Letter to the editor: Neutral on gender-neutral washrooms

Hello, The gender-neutral washrooms in the SUB interested me for a few seconds when I first entered the building. Then it became pretty clear that they were previously gender-binary and those who identify as men are more likely to use the one with urinals and women the one with more stalls. I am neutral on… Read more »

Letter to the editor: From one generation to another

This is a rally cry from my generation to yours to vote in this critical upcoming federal election. Under the current prime minister, our country is heading backwards when we need desperately to move forward in new and better ways. Our changing climate requires significant immediate climate action to mitigate the worst scenarios. Sustainable energy… Read more »

Letter to the editor: More to Atticus Finch than simple bigotry

Since the release of Harper Lee’s “sequel” Go Set A Watchman, many are disillusioned to learn that Atticus Finch, the hero of To Kill A Mockingbird, turned out to be a typical bigot in the Deep South. However, when one examines this revelation more closely, one can appreciate the intrigue and complexity of Atticus Finch’s… Read more »