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Letters: Nov. 27

Re: “Board Shorts: Nov. 17“, “Board Shorts: Nov. 3“, “Board Shorts: Oct. 20“ I thank you for your coverage of the recent censure of Director of Finance Cheema and near censure of three more directors, but I am disappointed that you have not covered this matter in the depth it deserves. Censure, especially of an… Read more »

YPY: Abortion still up for debate

In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law. The Court, however, left it open for Parliament to make a new abortion law, and never endorsed the idea that there should be no federal legislation regulating abortion or protecting pre-born children. Canada has then by default joined China and North Korea in… Read more »

Letters: Month of June

Re: “Fighting words: photo exhibit on indigenous oppression inspires conversation,” May 26, 2014 The problem with the CJPME’s photo exhibit was only alluded to with one short phrase in May’s Martlet story. “…Accusations that the Palestinian component of the exhibit does not give adequate coverage to the Israeli perspective…” doesn’t do justice to the distortion… Read more »

Letters: Month of May

Re: “Out of the classroom and into the real world,” May 8, 2014 I understand Mr. Schwartz’s desire to level with us young-adults—I can envision him, sitting in his backwards chair, calling us “Champ,” and telling us to huddle up and pop a squat. Behind the cool references to Candy Crush and Breaking Bad (how… Read more »

Policing youth radicalization

“Officer, please, can you come and pick up my 14-year-old son? He’s exhibiting symptoms of ‘radicalization.’ The front page of the March 4th National Post instructed me to turn over my children if we thought they might be having symptoms of ‘radicalization.’ No one knows what ‘radicalization’ means, so I looked it up. Radical means to return… Read more »

Cyclist enforcement drama

I’m writing about a situation I witnessed on March 12 in the UVic bus exchange, between two police officers and a student on her bike. It was around noon and quite busy with students waiting for buses and walking back and forth. All of a sudden, a large police vehicle sped into the area, entering the wrong way,… Read more »

Letters: Week of March 6

UVic Greens’ Statement on the UVSS Election March 3rd, 2014 The UVic Greens would like to extend a big thank you to all the candidates for running for student government and responding to our questions. As a campus club, the UVic Greens commends Link’s position on fossil fuel divestment. Their strong commitment and motivation to… Read more »

Letters: Week of February 27

Refocus on ferries On Feb. 5, the B.C. government released its report on a round of public consultations on ferry service. The report states that a majority of respondents opposed the government’s plans to cut service, introduce gambling, and eliminate the seniors’ discount. Nevertheless, the government announced that it would proceed with its plans anyway… Read more »

Canada already agrees

I would like to express my full support for Ezra Karmel’s Jan. 23 article, “Hamas is not al-Qaeda,” and I believe his position is also supported by a Supreme Court Justice’s opinion. In September 2010, Supreme Court Justice Richard Mosley ruled on the case of the Federal Government barring British MP George Galloway from entering… Read more »

Oak Bay deer going way of the rabbit

Remember the rabbits? The darlings of campus which were all of a sudden no longer dear to the administration’s heart? Well, a similar fate is going to be happening to the deer we see on campus and the various communities in the CRD. First up to bat is Oak Bay, with their “let’s kill them… Read more »