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Entire slate disqualified

The entire Refresh UVic slate has been disqualified from the 2015 University of Victoria Students’ Society election. According to the vote counts, all 15 candidates, including independent Calder Brown, were unsuccessful in their bid for elected office; however, Chief Electoral Officer Shawn Slavin disqualified the candidates because they were late submitting their campaign spending receipts… Read more »

Donation to UVic from mining behemoth attracts criticism

Vancouver-based resource extraction giant Goldcorp presented UVic’s Gustavson School of Business with a sizeable donation on Feb. 19. The $500 000 donation will help support the school’s growing Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI). The donor’s reputation when it comes to social and sustainable practices has drawn criticism in the past, however, and at some… Read more »

Ten days with the Honduran Resistance: The Primaries

  Continued from the main story. Despite the fear in the back of voters’ minds, optimism was evident. Three parties: National, Liberal and Libre took part in the primaries. This was the first time the country had moved away from their (mostly) bi-partisan system, traditionally involving the Liberal and National Parties. Around seven parties will… Read more »

Ten days with the Honduran Resistance: The campesino movement

After staging occupation of the lands since 2006, the campesinos won back the rights to about 11,000 hectares in 2011, but have been unsuccessful in having the new terms implemented. The group has met with government officials and has brought cases against the landowners to court, but has not resolved the land rights issues. MUCA is now pressuring the government to reform agrarian and land use laws.

Ten days with the Honduran Resistance: What is the resistance?

Continued from the main story. In the lead-up to the primaries, we met with a number of Libre Party candidates who outlined the goals and platforms of the party. Land reform, representational congress, transparent government and pushing back against encroaching U.S. economic influence were among the main themes of the meetings. On a day full… Read more »

Idle No More: UVic to Toronto

  Thursday and Friday saw more Idle No More protests across Canada. Thursday at UVic, a demonstration was held in the Bus Exchange, interrupting service at the university. Friday saw a large crowd gather in downtown Toronto.

Idle No More in Victoria

As the indigenous social movement Idle No More grows across Canada, people gathered in Victoria, B.C., on Saturday to demonstrate at the Coho Ferry Terminal in the Inner Harbour.