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Waffles feed Superkids

On the evening of Sunday, Feb. 23, West Coast Waffles resounds with the clatter of plates, upbeat music, and children’s laughter. The atmosphere is energetic, hectic yet contented, and the sumptuous smell of warm waffles fills the air. Sixty kids have arrived for their waffle dinner, as part of a free program for at-risk youth… Read more »

Eating for two

Among all the forms that charitable organizations can take, there is an enormous variety of methodology and approaches to logistics, even when the different groups are attempting the same basic tasks: healing the sick, sheltering the homeless, and of course, feeding the hungry. However, even for the relatively robust community programs in a place like… Read more »

Satisfied with dissatisfaction

UVic alumna Andrea Routley’s debut collection of short stories is entertaining and deeply affecting. Her voice is contemplative, always questioning assumptions or presenting alternative ways of thinking, and it’s fairly heavy on inventive imagery as well, without straying too far into a tendency to assign symbolic meaning to every event, human-related or otherwise. Her voice… Read more »

Where fact meets fantasy

The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day is an amusing and unusual beast. Like the rest of author Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, it is set mostly in a satirical fantasy world, a flat disc resting on the backs of four giant elephants that stand on a colossal sea turtle swimming through the depths of space…. Read more »

Class distinctions and the shrinking middle class

The apparent absence of class distinction is a peculiar feature of university life. Socioeconomic class is something we dislike discussing yet remain fascinated by. Daniel Craig’s rebooted James Bond is compelling in part because he assumes a rugged working-class air while absolutely dominating in a world characterized by opulence. Prior to his 2008 election, Barack… Read more »

CanAssist can assist you

UVic-based organization CanAssist has a growing reputation for excellence when it comes to providing assistance to people with disabilities. The group is notable not just for the quantity of cases in which it has provided services, but for the quality of those services, and the inventiveness of its customized devices and individually tailored solutions. In… Read more »

Tale-end of summer

Now that summer is over and there’s less time to read at leisure, it’s wise to do a little research on prospective reading material before investing your time and money in it. Here, then, are reviews of two books I enjoyed at the end of this summer, presented in the hope that they will help… Read more »