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Gibson, Affleck, and Hollywood’s history of harassment

At the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards, host Nick Kroll quipped, “People wondered, ‘How long would it take Hollywood to forgive someone for anti-Semitic, racist hate speech?’ The answer? Eight years.” He was referring, of course, to Mel Gibson. The actor and director’s personal life has long been mired in scandal; infamous for his vicious… Read more »

International students thrilled at prospect of tuition hikes

According to a recent poll commissioned by the UVic Board of Governors, 97 per cent of UVic’s international students reported feeling “moderately excited to completely thrilled” about the increase in their tuition fees. The remaining three per cent of students were seen being shuffled into a Degrees Catering van, described by various sources as having… Read more »

‘We Know Nothing About Art’ comedy show totally unpretentious, totally hilarious

Abdul Aziz has never considered himself an ‘art person.’ The Vancouver-based comedian is the creator and host of We Know Nothing About Art (WKNAA), an ongoing two-hour comedy show built around iconic — and often bizarre — works of art. The show is helmed by a group of amateur Vancouver comedians, whose collective talent and enthusiasm reflects the vibrant… Read more »

Asian erasure in Hollywood is more than just skin deep

As both a South Korean immigrant and a pop-culture junkie, I grew up searching for Asian representation in the TV shows and movies I watched — kind of a weird, racialized version of Where’s Waldo? I guess. More often than not, I was left disappointed by Hollywood’s portrayal of Asian characters, which varied from insensitive tropes to… Read more »

The sweet life of sugar babies

Behind the young women offering the ‘girlfriend experience’ to affluent suitors “What’s your most expensive bottle of champagne?—$700.” “What’s your most expensive bottle of wine?—$900.” “Can we get both?” So begins the trailer for The Girlfriend Experience, Steven Soderbergh’s 2016 drama series that follows Christine (Riley Keough), a law-student-turned- escort, as she juggles gourmet dinners and… Read more »

Bullet holes and budget rock: Talking shop with Smoke Eaters

Fresh off their summer tour, Victoria-based indie rock group Smoke Eaters are keeping themselves busy. Bonnybrook Road, their latest full-length album, is nostalgic and summery, a collection of feel-good songs with equally jaunty lyrics. I got the chance to talk to Misha, Leigh, Rodney, and David, the four members of the band, in their cozy tour… Read more »

Five holiday albums you might not have heard yet

Even though Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey playing softly from the speakers of every mall and holiday event ever, they can get a bit boring. So if you’re feeling sick of the same old Christmas albums, here are some fresh alternatives to spice up the holiday season this year:… Read more »

Kanye floats and dazzles at Vancouver show

Despite the typical Vancouver drizzle, the spirits of the crowd waiting outside of Roger’s Arena weren’t the least bit dampened as they waited for Kanye West to make his highly anticipated appearance on Oct. 17. Many had already been standing in line for hours to snatch up some much-coveted Pablo merchandise often sported by Kanye… Read more »