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Events: Sept 24–Oct 7

Art For This Land Audain Exhibition 2014-15 Audain Professor of Contemporary Arts of the Pacific Northwest and Visual Arts MFA Jackson 2Bears will present his 2015 Audain Exhibition in the Visual Arts building, free of charge. The multimedia installation, inspired by the works of Mohawk poet Pauline Johnson and Sioux philosopher Vine Deloria Jr., is… Read more »


When I took this job nearly five months ago, I was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility — a responsibility to inform students of what was going on around their campus, to provide a public service, and to use my newfound editorial powers for good, not evil. It also provided me access to all of our… Read more »

UVic gets consensual for awareness week

It’s time for UVic to say yes to consent as the annual Sexual Violence Awareness Week (SVAW) gets set to kick off. Events are planned for students at various locations on campus from Sept. 14–18. SVAW is a joint initiative between the UVSS, the Anti-Violence Project (AVP), and UVic Student Affairs that promotes positive messaging… Read more »

EDITORIAL: To the class of 2019

Welcome to the University of Victoria, and Volume 68 of the Martlet. Have you settled in yet? How are your classes? Still scrambling for textbooks? Speaking of textbooks, here’s a word of advice for any English lit students: try Russell Books on Fort St. It’s a lot easier to stomach paying $5 for a used… Read more »

Events: Sept 10–Sept 23

Art Anna Banana: 45 Years of Fooling Around with A. Banana I’ve had a love-hate relationship with bananas for quite a while. Sometimes it’s like, dang, these are so good. And other times it’s like, dang, these are mushy . . . what was I talking about? Oh yeah, renowned artist Anna Banana is teaming up with Open Space… Read more »

The Book of Souls a stunning return to form

I’ll admit that when I heard the news heavy metal stalwarts Iron Maiden were releasing a new album — and a double album at that — my excitement was laced with trepidation. For all its soaring ambition, the band’s 2010 effort The Final Frontier laboured underneath some bloat and ill-informed forays into prog territory, and 2006’s A Matter of… Read more »

An open letter to the UVSS Board of Directors

Dear Board of Directors, On Aug. 24, I attended what was presumed to be a regularly scheduled board meeting, which are held, according to the UVSS website, “twice a month on Mondays at 6:00 pm in the SUB Upper Lounge.” The Martlet attends these meetings as a way to keep students — your membership — informed of the board’s… Read more »

Board of Directors negotiates capital expenditures

The UVSS Board of Directors convened for an emergency meeting on Aug. 18 to address motions that were left unaccounted for during last week’s meeting on Aug. 10, including the adoption of an amended Excluded Management Policy to account for the new executive director position. The board also approved a motion to adopt a new… Read more »

Pride referendum stirs up debate at board meeting

Emotions were running high in the SUB Upper Lounge on Aug. 10, as the UVSS Board of Directors discussed a referendum that would ask students for approval of a fee increase for UVic Pride. Other business on the agenda included filling the usual committee vacancies, amendments to the UVSS Disability, Excluded Personnel, and Finance and… Read more »

Graphic content to wrap up your summer

Archie #1 (Archie Comics) Archie comics have seen a renaissance in recent years, with the 2013 launch of Afterlife with Archie and the introduction of an openly gay character being just a few ways that the series has updated its appeal for contemporary audiences who don’t necessarily buy their comics from grocery store checkout lines…. Read more »