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Fringe 2017: What to Take Up With Daddy Issues

In the spirit of honestly reviewing Daddy Issues, I should get one thing off my chest: I’m not a Fringe-ie. I would probably squint in confusion if someone asked me if I’d seen a Fringe show yet, were it not for the combination of my persistently critical and curious eyeballs and the often bizarre and… Read more »

UVSS directors call for child care review

The July 25 board meeting, while lacking the usual attendance in human numbers, presented attendance of a full agenda and creative new proposals by the board. (I’m looking back at you, Periscope.) You can find a live tweeted account of the meeting on our Twitter page. UPDATES Director reports reconfirmed that summer UVSS operations are… Read more »

Board Shorts — June 20: Survey says . . .

With a call to order at 6:07 p.m. and an adjournment at 7:04 p.m., the UVSS board meeting on Monday, June 20, sparked little discussion but bagged the record for quickest board meeting so far this term. So there’s that. UPDATES Most of the meeting was taken up by quick reports and committee appointments. Kevin… Read more »

UVSS politics cool down at May 6 board meeting

Ready for the next installment of a juicy UVSS Board of Directors’ meeting report? Sorry, can’t offer that. But keep reading for a summary of the June 6 meeting anyway. ANARCHIST STUDENT SOCIETY UPDATE Remember these folks? (Read our May 11 board report if you don’t.) They came! They presented! The juice? Pretty dry. When… Read more »

The May 16 board meeting debacle, explained

What the hell happened on Monday? Well, the UVSS Board of Directors met for their regular meeting on May 16. The agenda included filling outstanding committee vacancies and a presentation from the Anarchist Student Society that didn’t end up happening. Oh, and everyone collectively lost their shit during question period over organizational changes that led… Read more »