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Shad spreads consciousness

A Review of Shad’s latest EP Boarding Pass “Hip-Hop ain’t dead, it lives in the North”… and no, I’m not talking about Drake. Shad has continuously proven himself to be one of the most talented and socially conscious MCs in the game with his albums The Old Prince, Juno-winning TSOL, and Flying Colours. On all… Read more »

What did we learn from the Simushir incident?

On Oct. 17, I spent an entire class refreshing a CBC web page every five minutes. As a proud Haida Gwaiian, it was hard for me to pay attention to my afternoon lecture knowing there was a 135-metre cargo ship floating free just a few miles off the west coast of the island. With the… Read more »

A new side of Childish

Childish Gambino has always kept his fans guessing and excited for what is coming next. His last project, Because the Internet, showcased a new side of Gambino that was conceptual, contemplative, focused, and progressive.