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This week in Martlet history

September 21, 1972—“Full Report Not Made” In 1971, Dr. Alexander Kirk of the Chemistry Department headed a two-month investigation of the Visual Arts faculty. The department had been having so many problems in the first year that enrollment was frozen for 1971-72. While Kirk’s full list of suggestions were given to UVic president Hugh Farquhar,… Read more »

This week in Martlet history

Sept. 14, 1976 — “Dirty flicks come to UVic” Ever have the urge to watch porn with fellow UVic students and professors? In the late ’70s, Cinecenta began to run a series of late-night “dirty” films on Fridays and Saturdays. Doug Sprenger, then-manager of Cinecenta, chose only the “cream” of the New York erotic film… Read more »

Native Students Union: providing an Indigenous space on campus

The Native Students Union (NSU) is a student-run organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous students on campus, and has two locations on campus: the basement of the Student Union Building (Room B023) as well as a small office in the First Peoples House. The University of Victoria sits on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen and… Read more »

The harrowing shock of McKinnon gym

HUMOUR—At approximately 5 p.m. Feb. 1, horror struck second-year psychology major Alex Ferguson. “I was feeling restless and wanted to work out that night. I have always gone to Ian Stewart, but that night, I still had a late-night class. Since I had to stay on campus, I ventured to McKinnon gym.” Venture Ferguson did,… Read more »

Live together or die trying

Dear significant other, When I was about to move in with you almost a year ago, my sister warned me that things would change. I thought, she must be wrong, I have basically been staying over with him over four nights a week for the past five months, how could anything change? Oh, how wrong… Read more »

Comedies with a macabre twist

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, and Cee Lo Green, minus his cat. With Breaking Bad done and Walking Dead about to jump the shark, I spend much of my time trying to find new TV shows. Lately, due to my mood, I have been bingeing… Read more »