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Reservation Road

Every day at UVic, I am reminded that I am a guest on this land. I’m made aware by the totem poles carved by Henry Hunt in the quad. I’m notified by the drumming I hear from the First Peoples House. However, once I leave this academic-sanctioned area, I realize that there is less evidence… Read more »

Run, Jamie, run

HUMOUR — Thanks to the success of UVic President Jamie Cassels’ inaugural run on Sept. 6, and his United Way walk on Nov. 20, the new president has now begun to plan several different activities. These events include the Santa Saunter, the Reading Break Limp, and the Groundhog’s Day Scamper. Cassels hopes to promote healthy… Read more »

The Noticeables

The guy who wears a bow tie while riding a unicycle, the girl wearing large headphones who always sings Queen songs just a little too loudly in public. The guy with an enormous afro and purple suede shoes who always seems to be carrying a large stack of books. These are the people who I… Read more »

Salt Spring Island, my ultimate Zen

Sometimes at night, I lie awake worrying about minuscule things like cleaning the house to big life problems that seem to lead to constant stream-of-worry-conscious, like whatwillhappenwhenIfinishschoolwillIfindajobIlikewillmyboyfriendtravelacrossthecountryforme? Sometimes I even think of the irony of how I am sleepy all day, yet somehow I cannot sleep once I hit my bed. Nights like this, I… Read more »

Before you die you see The Ring

HUMOUR — I’ll set the stage for you: The world has been destroyed by some kind of nuclear explosion. Somehow, because of some unexplainable event, the UVic campus has completely survived. Madness ensues as each department tries to battle for the perfectly preserved campus. Like Highlander, there can only be one. Here are the remains… Read more »

Museums can take us back to a personal past

I’m not a lifetime resident of Victoria, but I’m close to it. I’m more like a lifetime tourist. Although I didn’t start living in this city until I attended UVic, I have known Victoria since I was four. I still have vivid memories of my first visit to this Britain-inflected city. It was after my… Read more »

Intellectual musings on the walls

“What is your favourite part of UVic?” I have been asked this question countless times. While one answer has always popped into my head straight away, I have always been too afraid of being persecuted as an unappreciative student to say it. A university is supposed to simply be a learning institution, and I’ve never… Read more »