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Laci Green’s talk a timely reminder

Between the University of Victoria Students’ Society’s Let’s Get Consensual campaign, which has been in full swing since the start of school, and the sexual assault on campus last week, UVic students have had a lot to think about in regards to rape culture. Laci Green is a sex educator and YouTube video blogger who… Read more »

Come & Go makes for upbeat #tbt

When I hear a track on the radio, or a friend suggests a song for me to listen to, my first thought is to wonder where this music comes from. And my second thought is to hope that the music is Canadian. I am a huge supporter of Canadian music, and an even bigger advocate… Read more »

Fringe Fest: Shakespeare gets ‘wyrd’

I never thought that William Shakespeare’s plays would be told well through contemporary dance and collective movement theatre, but in the case of DamnSpot Theatre’s production of The Wyrd Sisters, I was proved wrong. DamnSpot Theatre is based in Victoria and founded by Alannah Bloch, a UVic Theatre alumni. Her mission in bringing this group… Read more »

Fringe: The Anthropocalypse trips up

Picture this: a single man sitting on a dark stage, blowing into a bowl of water, filling the room with the bubbly, irritating noise of water beat boxing. Suddenly, the lights come on, only to be followed by the same man and his companion running through the audience making any sort of sound imaginable to… Read more »