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Grossbuster brings back beats

Local dub-electronic artist releases Singularity “Singularity” can be defined as the condition or state of being singular, meaning something that stands for itself. In the case of Victoria beat-maker Grossbuster’s new album Singularity, the definition is pretty accurate for the album’s content. Where else would you find Ella Fitzgerald vocal samples alongside the Soviet Army… Read more »

Martlet’s musical picks of 2014

Cormac O’Brien: Damien Rice: My Favourite Faded Fantasy (Folk) After an 8 year absence, My Favourite Faded Fantasy marks a triumphant return for singer/ songwriter Damien Rice. With songs ranging from sombre to depressing, the record is a remarkable listen. With masterful production courtesy of Rick Rubin, Rice’s songwriting is highlighted in a way never before… Read more »

This Ought to be good

Audience members already familiar with Ought’s debut album, More Than Any Other Day, on Constellation Records, got to hear the record front to back in a live setting. This approach certainly did justice to the spirit of the recording, which tries to encapsulate as much live energy as possible in the studio setting.